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Why Dental Consulting could benefit your practice 

Could your dental practice improve its effectiveness and profitability? Hiring our experienced dental consulting company is an excellent way to bring in experienced dental consultants while you work. The convenient process allows our professionals to evaluate your office systems as you continue running the practice, caring for patients, and completing daily activities.



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We offer to consult that is CUSTOM made for YOU! Forget the cookie-cutter consulting, our customized consulting takes you in real-time, with your REAL problems and creates tangible, actionable coaching that gets results.

The Dental A-Team

The Dental A-Team provides dental office consulting with one goal in mind: the success of your practice, the decreased stress, and the best VIP patient care. People who have worked in every aspect of a successful dental practice understand how a dentist's practice operates best and have the shortcut, the systems, and the knowledge to help your practice! Our experienced coaches and trainers know how an efficient dentist's practice should work, from bringing in patients to delivering optimum care and improving their bottom line.

Our dental consulting approach is a three-pronged focus- MYS- Money (financial health of the practice), YOU as a person being balanced, and Systems/Teams for maximum efficiency, ease, and the best patient care! If that resonates with you, we want to work with you and help you see what your team and practice are capable of!!

Our dental consultants help you build a responsible team that produces reliable results. We have years of experience in assessing and streamlining the process within a dental office. Our clinical and managerial experience as individuals brings ample knowledge to the table, and now we can pass on those invaluable skills to you.

Goals of a Customized Dental Consulting Firm

Our dental coaching service has one main goal: to assist your dental practice in running efficiently and profitably. We also seek to improve the patients’ experiences by addressing a range of issues involving finances, time management, and customer service. An easy way to do this is through training and development sessions.

Dental Team Customized Training

A successful dental practice has lots of patients that one might consider returning customers. Creating a five-star patient experience ensures that business returns and that these customers pass on their positive experiences to others. It might be via reviews and word-of-mouth references, but you’ll be surprised how much this positive feedback influences a happy and united team within the practice.


Integrating Teams

Dental practice coaches provide information, resources, training, and accountability to boost team confidence and improve the way that everyone within the practice collaborates. Dental team training also helps new employees feel part of the practice. The faster the team integrates, the better your customer service and performance will be for external stakeholders.



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What our clients are saying

"The girls have been on FIRE since the phone skills seminar! They have been saving cancellations like never before and converting new patient calls has improved soooooo much. They look forward to listening to Call Source to grade themselves. Can't thank you and Tiffanie enough!"


"Kiera has completely transformed my practice and I have TRIPLED my production since working with her."


"Kiera is amazingly smart, well-spoken, entertaining, and most of all authentic. She has an amazing ability to connect to people and draw out quality dialogues with team members to help accomplish goals. My team would not stop raving about her. Definitely a five-star experience for my team and I!"


"During the first webinar, I was completely engaged and could not believe how useful all of the information was! This community is a needed and a great opportunity"


The Financial Health of Your Dental Practice

Dental office consulting brings in financial knowledge and office management experience. These skills improve how the office functions and decrease unnecessary overhead expenses. A dental consultant will also assess financial health, interpret the profit and loss statements, and determine where the dental practice is losing money.

A continuous flow of patients through a dental practice may seem like a robust indicator of success, but it is not the most effective way to determine the true financial health of the business. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are the gold standard method for measuring the effectiveness and profitability of your dental practice. Tracking specific KPI numbers will correctly measure the profitability of the dental practice and ensure that the dental consultant can identify weaknesses accurately.

By tracking KPIs, dental consultants can follow the practice’s performance and determine solutions. Critical examples of a dental practice’s key performance indicators include three measurements:
· Average production per patient
· Collections (billing)
· Accounts receivable (payments)

Average Production Per Patient

A dental practice is most effective when it is delivering the maximum it can for each patient. It requires tracking all procedures on a patient and calculating the average amount of service per visit. Seeing more patients in one day does not necessarily translate to more revenue, and there are other benefits of comprehensive patient services rather than a production-line approach.

A slower practice sees fewer patients per day, but it might be delivering excellent value on each visit. If the service allows more time to promote and provide services, a “slower” practice might also decrease stress levels and promote efficiency.

There are several ways to boost this KPI for the benefit of the practice, including:
· Comprehensive oral health exams to help identify dentistry that may benefit patients
· Creating scripts to promote treatment plans and benefits to patients
· Multiple procedures within a single appointment


A collection ratio is critical to the financial health of your dental practice. It is the number of days that it takes to collect payment on the services rendered. This measurement is important for several reasons, including an indication of whether your efforts in certain marketing sectors are worth pursuing. When you schedule patients for procedures, you block out a set amount of time for that individual. During the procedure, you also have the costs of labor and overheads to consider. If these patients do not pay their bills for a procedure, your practice loses the revenue plus what you could have gained by providing services to a different patient. The figure will also add the cost of pursuing payment for an outstanding bill, including added time and effort taken away from other productive tasks. Our dental consultant improves your practice’s collection rate by: · Informing patients of insurance benefits and how they cover costs · Helping patients to understand the fee implications before the treatment begins · Offering third-party financing through an external company

Accounts Receivable

Related to collections, the accounts receivable KPI measures how quickly the practice receives outstanding bill payments from their patient base. At least 95% of patient fees should be paid within sixty days in healthy dental practice. The ideal rate is 70% paid before the thirty-day mark, but this is rare. Dental practices with patient accounts overdue by more than 60 days will see a noticeable impact on their practice’s profitability. Ways to relieve accounts receivable issues include: · Incentivizing patients to pay on time · Adding discounts to the procedure for fast payment · Allowing patients to use credit cards · Providing alternative payment plan options

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