013: Monday Morning Meetings- ARE YOU READY FOR THIS??

Team meetings can sometimes be really hard. They are difficult because it's a challenge to continually come up with topics, ideas, and HOW to these meetings really, really well.

Kiera and Mark decided to help teams out! EVERY THURSDAY, they will release a podcast that all team members can listen to to prep for a Monday Morning Meeting (or whenever you hold team meetings). There will be topics galore along with guidance of how to hold these meetings!

In today's episode, Kiera and Mark are kicking it off right by helping you know HOW to run these meetings. HOW to set lead and lag measures. And HOW to be able to run effective, productive, and RESULTS-DRIVEN meetings!

They also discuss meeting agendas along with a cadence of accountability. What are your overall goals for your office/organization? Mark explains that you should set no more than 3 large goals. Think small and set lead measures for each department to focus on for a certain amount of time in order to successfully hit your WIGs.

Jump on in! We are thrilled to have you part of the Dental A-Team.




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