036: KPIs are Easier to IMPLEMENT than you Think!

Kiera is back with Dr. Summer Kassamel to discuss the implementation of KPIs. Dr. Summer encourages practice owners to not be afraid to change KPIs after 3 months in order to really focus on KPIs that will make a difference in the practice. KPIs will only work if your team understands the important role KPIs play in the big picture. So what makes the best KPIs?

  • A standard based on a number with a yes/no outcome
  • Start with 1-2 KPIs for each department-- simplicity is key in this
  • Track KPIs weekly and adjust when needed

By encouraging your team to help come up with solutions to meet their goals, KPIs will change your practice! KPIs are the lifeblood of a practice and here is the podcast to help you implement today!

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