038: Managing Multiple Practices

Managing multiple practices doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Kiera lays out simple tips to follow in order to map your way to building several successful practices. First, everything starts with communication! Everyone needs to be consistently meeting in order to align the same goal for each individual practice.

Meetings should consist of:

  • KPI reports for each practice
  • Regional managers that report to the dentist/owner once a week and check in with office managers and leads from each office
  • Office managers that report to regional managers
  • Department leads that meet with leads at other offices and report to regional managers

The leadership team must always be in place and in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION. If you are DEDICATED, DISCIPLINED, AND WELL-STRUCTURED, you can maximize your team to their full potential. This is an episode for all those OMs and Doctors who are looking for how to grow and expand and stay sane doing it!

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