Kiera welcomes Paige Benjamin back to discuss perio patients and appointments. Paige emphasizes the need for probing every appointment as well as updating the perio chart. By measuring pocket depths and bleeding on probing for every appointment, you can not only get a better idea of the patient’s oral hygiene, but also come to a better diagnosis. But what about the difficult diagnosis? It isn’t always easy to tell someone they have periodontitis. By following these steps given by Paige and Kiera, that tough conversation can be easier.

  • Calibrate diagnoses with dentist before appointment
  • Give oral hygiene instruction by TELLING THEM, SHOWING THEM, and LETTING THEM SHOW YOU
  • Realize that the tough conversation is not now, but later when there is no hope for your patient’s teeth.
  • By not informing them, you are neglecting proper patient care

Not all of your patients will want to accept treatment right away so give them time, but continue to always be HONEST, CONFIDENT, and GENUINE.

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