045: If you POSE, you must PROPOSE

In today's episode, Kiera is joined by a unique office manager, Ashley Keith. Ashley's husband is a dentist who owns a 20 op practice that has four dentists, 10 hygienists and a huge support team. Ashley doesn't have a dental background and comes from Corporate America with a degree in marketing-- and she is the OM running this show! She comes with some different angles that we are excited to share on the DAT podcast with you today!

In the episode, you'll learn answers to:

  • Do you have formal or informal training processes that people can follow?
  • Do you seek to understand?
  • What is your team's "and" skill?
  • Is your office clear on the rules of the game of your office for maximum efficiency?
  • Do you use the model pose and propose?

Ashley is a wealth of experience and knowledge of some solid nuggets that you can implement today! Be sure to catch this episode to think differently, expand your mind, and create efficiencies with ease while being entertained throughout the episode.

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