078: Implement These Marketing Tips TODAY

Back at it with marketing tips! Kiera and Lauren Edvalson, CEO of Dental Marketing Agency, Edvalson Marketing, talk about using analytics to hone in on your key audience, the psychology of color, and postcards, plus how each can help boost your practice!

Did you know it takes 14-20 impressions before someone might buy your product? Utilizing social media ads and postcards in interesting ways will help cement those impressions. Even if you’ve been burned by a marketing tool before (like Kiera was with postcards), both women encourage trying again. Dabble here, implement there. A great example of successful postcard utilization is Strategic Marketing Solution’s Travis Russell in Medford, Oregon. 

Another option for marketing: newsletters! These can be quarterly opportunities to update your patients about your office and the dental community.

Kiera and Lauren encourage stealing knowledge. See what other practices have done and how they’ve benefited, and cater it to your practice. Places like Dental Success Network are helpful. As is, of course, www.TheDentalATeam.com.  




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