104: How to OVERCOME your “Doctor Type” and Improve Patient Care (Part Two)

In the last episode, #103, Kiera talked about different types of doctor tendencies: over-educators, over/under-diagnosers, fear-drivers, etc. Now it’s time to overcome those natural inclinations:

Examples include:

  • The Over-Educator: Simplify your conversations.
  • The Over-Diagnoser: Ask yourself, would I give this diagnosis to myself? My mom? My spouse?
  • The Under-Diagnoser: Don’t keep following the same methods and getting the same results. Do what’s best for your patient long-term.
  • The Fear-Driver: Don’t overcompensate!
  • The Cost-Prohibitor/Insurance Lover: Drop the insurance verbiage in your conversations with patients.
  • The People-Pleaser: Guide them based on your own experience.

Need more tips and tricks on ridding yourself of these negative tendencies? Give us a holler at [email protected].  



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