199: Is your office where people WANT to be?

Special guest Cheryl Cornelius is back to talk about establishing the perfect patient experience. Cheryl’s practice in San Antonio received 600+ Google reviews in a short chunk of time thanks to the consistent work of making their office a place patients want to visit. Cheryl shared with Kiera a few tips to keep the culture one of positivity:

  • Start your morning huddle with a moment of gratitude, then celebrate the previous day’s wins

  • Consider what your patients will want and need, right down to the tiniest detail

  • If you make mistakes, own it

  • Stay on top of your spending

One thing Cheryl does is treating her staff to lunch once a week. It’s a time they can all get together and chat about life and bond. This episode is a great chance to think of ways to have a positive attitude throughout your workplace, including both staff and patients.

Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to find other ways to give your patients an ideal experience.




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