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408: Shifting Our Expectations of Others

Welcome to Zach Scott, the Dental A-Team’s newest employee! Zach is part of the sales and customer success team, and shares his mindset about leadership and growing others with Kiera. You’ll learn all about Zach and his background, how he manages his expectations of others, and how to not resent other people.

We’re so excited to have Zach on board and know you’ll love meeting him!

About Zach: I have been working in sales and sales management for over 9 years and I am extremely excited to be part of the Dental A-Team family! I grew up on a cattle ranch in Arkansas where I was taught that problem solvers rule the world and with enough creativity, ingenuity and maybe a little bit of duct tape, you can solve about anything. I have recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. The move has been great and I can't wait to see what hiking activities are around as well as look into travel opportunities through the McCarran airport. Anyway, the great news about this is you can learn a little about me while I get to help clients, like you, solve critical problems for your business every day. 

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