Episode 600: The Milestone Message

600th episode Nov 09, 2022

We are 600 episodes into this Dental A-Team podcast! Thank you to our 80,000-plus listeners for being with us along the way.

In this milestone episode, Kiera reflects on her journeys in business, life, and dentistry; highlights from the podcast; lessons learned; and more.

Here’s to the pieces of life that propel us to keep going.

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0:00:05.6 Kiera Dent: Hey, everyone. Welcome to the Dental A Team podcast. I'm your host, Kiera Dent, and I have this crazy idea that maybe I could combine a doctor and a team member's perspective, because let's face it, dentistry can be a challenging profession with those two perspectives. I've been a dental assistant, treatment coordinator, scheduler, filler, office manager, regional manager, practice owner, and I have a team of traveling consultants where we have traveled over 165 different offices' coaching teams. Yep, we don't just understand you, we are you. Our mission is to positively impact the world of dental, and I believe that this podcast is the greatest way I can help elevate teams, grow VIP experiences, reduce stress, and create A teams. Welcome to the Dental A Team podcast.


0:00:51.6 KD: Hello Dental A Team listeners, this is Kiera and you guys, oh my gosh, I don't think I ever thought that this day would become a reality. I truly, truly, truly, truly didn't. When I started the podcast... And I think I'm glad that I couldn't have foreseen this day when I started, but to be recording the 600th episode for Dental A Team podcast is pretty unreal guys. 600 episodes, 600 times I have pushed play, 600 times you guys have listened in. I wanna know... And who knows, there might be some Dental A Team swag attached to this. I wanna know, email me in if you are one of these people, so email [email protected], if you have listened to all 600 episodes. I just wanna know who out there is. There's no shaming, but hey, if you wanna be this person, you can straight up binge me. Go back in time, there's so many things. I think back to the podcast, "Don't break up with me. How to control cancellations. Urgent versus important. Verbiage for out-of-network procedures." I think about when I shared about my life on the podcast. I talked to you guys about coming in from the ashes, talking about my grandma, I did a birthday present for my grandma on the podcast one time, I've done some car casting, I surely definitely got pulled over right after I finished one of the podcasts. Just some really crazy times of where I've been podcasting and where you've been listening.

0:02:26.6 KD: So today, I just wanted to have a quick little episode for you guys for the 600th episode. We are already well past our way to 1000 episodes, we are surely going to continue on, and guys, it is thanks to you for listening. So do us a solid favor, share this 600th episode out, put it on social media, share it with a friend, leave us those five-star reviews. Guys, truly, that is what is going to help grow this podcast to where it is. We have over 80,000 of you listening, guys, in countries all across the world, which is pretty magical. So also, when you share, tag where you're at, where you're listening, 'cause I really would love to hear. But guys, I was thinking about, "Okay, what would the topic be for the 600th episode?" And that's pressure. I was like, "Oh gosh, I don't know." And I think I just wanted to talk about the journey of business, of life, of our practices today, of how that evolves. So go back in time to when you first started your practice, or when you first got out of dental school, or when you first became an office manager or a treatment coordinator, or whatever you are here, think back to when you were there.

0:03:36.8 KD: For me, I remember becoming a dental assistant, guys, and I walked into Miss Hellwig's room, and I didn't know if I was going to do it, and she said, "Now, that's a dental assistant," and she pointed right at me, and I was like, "Okay." I remember learning how to pass instruments, memorizing the steps of the amalgam, learning how to do composites, taking film x-rays, guys, and being really, really, really bad at taking [chuckle] x-rays. I remember my internship and having to pass off FMXs, but that's where I got my start into dentistry, and if I would have known the path to where I am today, guys, I don't know if I actually would have taken the path. I love my life, but guys, it has been riddled with hard times, with amazing times, with so many different things. So I would ask you guys to look at your path. What got you into dentistry? And if you would have known the end from the beginning, would you have still taken it? Same thing with the podcast. I said at the very beginning, guys, if I would have known I would have done 600 episodes, I don't know if I would have said yes.

0:04:38.9 KD: And the reason I'm bringing this up is not to say to not do it, but to give perspective of how great and how granted is that we actually can't see the end from the beginning. Because right now, you're in the middle of it. You don't know where you're headed. But guess what? I believe that life coming in small segments and coming in pieces, guys, it's just been one podcast after another, after another, after another. It wasn't I thought in my mind, "I've gotta do 600 podcasts." And there is actually beauty in us not knowing the pain, not knowing the struggles, not knowing the joys, not knowing the terrifying nights before we begin, because I think if I would have known, this podcast might not have existed. It's not to say I don't enjoy it, I surely love podcasting with you guys, but guys, it's a lot of freaking work, it's a lot of time. I've been podcasting, [chuckle] I'm still in my pajamas, guys, I've been podcasting all day today. It takes a lot of time. Think of what you guys do. This podcast, I'm talking days, months, maybe even a year of time. I hope not. That's a long time.

0:05:47.7 KD: These are usually like 20... Let's do some quick math here. Let's say our average podcast is about 20 minutes, we've done 600 episodes, divided by 60 is 200 hours, and that's if I only had... 200 hours, guys. If I divided that by eight-hour days, that's 25 days of podcasting, eight hours a day, that this podcast has created for you guys so far. That's hours and hours and hours. That's days, that's almost an entire month of podcasts that we have created for you, and yet, I don't know. And so, my point of this episode is let's find joy and gratitude and appreciation that we actually don't know what's ahead of us, that we don't know all the things coming, because that will actually propel you to keep going. I think sometimes having some naiveness in life can help out. I think having mentors can also guide you. I had some great mentors, I had some people tell me, Kiera, don't do three episodes a week, I didn't listen. I should have listened, but guess what, here we are today, celebrating the 600th episode and yet what are you celebrating in your life right now? I want you to go back and look at when you started your career in dentistry, what have you accomplished?

0:07:04.6 KD: Let's do some quick highlights. In the podcast guys, I have literally met some highlights from this podcast, so I'll do it with you, you guys think of your own life, I'll share on my side. Just the podcast journey, I got to meet Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First. I got to podcast with, he's from the traction series, Mike Payton. And he became actually one of my mentors. I was able to reach out to Rachel Hollis. I didn't get a response back from her but got a response back from it. I have had hundreds of offices on this podcast where I've either autopsied their practice or they've come on and shared their tips and their greatness with you guys. I have had guests of different software companies of different people to be able to share some of the top notch resources with you guys.

0:07:52.0 KD: I have also had this podcast be a place of healing and journey for me. I've shared about my struggles with suicide. I have shared about my struggles with IVF. I have shared about my, like you guys have grown up with me in business on not knowing what that guy was doing and trying to make a business out of it. Sharing and healing and feeling like I was able to give back to a profession that I get to serve, but I don't work day in and day out in a dental practice anymore. To be able to give back to you guys. Like those are some of the amazing highlights from doing this podcast. Some of the greatest things... I never, guys, I never at my wildest dreams would've imagined that Mike Michalowicz would speak at my Dental Team A summit, never in a million. He is someone that I have idolized for years and I actually got a podcast with him and have him do private events for my clients. Those are things that I never in my wildest dreams would've ever imagined could happen. But yet here they are.

0:08:57.9 KD: Hey Dental A Team listeners. This is you Kiera. You guys, I am beyond giddy about the fact that we are having a way for you guys to kick off your 2023 in the most epic way. That's right. I want you guys to go into 2023 with direction, with a plan and to actually get something done, done and done. If you've been looking at that operations manual, it is time guys. For three months, every single week I'm going to be doing a workshop with you and your team in January to get that operations manual done in three months. Guys, this is a value of over $10,000 that I know you're gonna freaking love because you're actually going to get it done. So if you wanna get your ops manual done in three months and kick off your January ultra strong, head on over to thedentalateam.com/opsmanual and I will see you January 5th for our kickoff.

0:09:52.9 KD: So what about for you? What are some of the patients, the experiences, the things you've been able to do? Guys, shoot. When I put on scrubs for the first time, being a dental assistant, I can promise you nowhere in my mind was I would be a nationwide traveling consultant owning her own company, having amazing team members work with me, sharing with amazing offices across the United States, getting to know you, getting to help grow your dream lives. That did not cross my mind at all. I don't think I even could've dreamed this up, but what about for you as dentists? What amazing procedures are you able to do that you didn't ever think you'd be able to do? I have a doctor right now who's placing implants and doing sinus lifts and has complete and total confidence. I have other doctors who are able to do sleep apnea and never thought that they could do it.

0:10:42.5 KD: Doctors who are celebrating knowing how to read a P&L and actually take home a paycheck. What about office managers? What are some of the amazing things that you are doing now that you never dreamed possible? Shoot guys, as an office manager, it was like learning how to fire people. Learning how to create an operations manual, like give me a trophy for this operations manual. Like the fact that it's done running multiple locations, having team members dilling through COVID and being able to still navigate through that. There's an office manager I'm thinking of right now. She's a a client of ours and she went through some of the craziest wildest shenanigans I have ever heard of. Her doctor ended up getting in an accident, wasn't able to come in. She had to make executive decisions through COVID with all the loans, with all the pieces.

0:11:28.4 KD: Like I know she didn't have that on her radar at all when she began. What about dental assistants guys? I think about like, oh my gosh, the inline courses I've taken as a dental assistant. The sheer terror of when we lost a crown of when I finally learned how to make a temporary. For some of you it might be when you finally learned how to get that scan down perfectly, when you learned how to pass instruments, when you stopped hitting your doctor in the head with the overhead light. Like those are magical moments as dental assistants. When I learned as a dental assistant to be able to present a treatment plan, oh I thought I was a cat's meow. It was one of those crazy incredible things that I had no idea I could do. Hygienist, what about when you were actually able to numb a patient, when you were actually able to increase your fluoride acceptance?

0:12:15.1 KD: I think about a hygienist, she's been on the podcast and when she said her fluoride acceptance was at about 25%, she was able to take it up to a 95% and now she has actually become a trainer for other hygienists. I promise you that was not on her radar when she became a hygienist. What about for our front office team members? Our schedulers, our billers, our treatment coordinators. Like the day that you close that 50- 60- $70,000 case and you're like whoa, I didn't even know credit cards went that high. Or a scheduler who's able to master that schedule and get patients to come in even when other offices are dealing with all the cancellations but you are able to keep it full. You are able to have it so well dialed in that people don't know how you do it or the billers who you crush that claim you were able to get it paid when no one else could.

0:13:02.7 KD: You've got your AR down to the lowest amount with the highest collections. You stay above a 100% all the time and you don't have money that you're writing off. Those moments guys, the things that you never thought you'd be able to do, look at where you are today and I wanna congratulate you. I hope that you take time to look back to see where you came and to see what you've been able to accomplish when you never dreamed it was possible. And I always hate that the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. So if you've been able to accomplish this, what's next? What's next for you? What's your next great thing? It doesn't have to be more, it can be that maybe you wanna slow down. It can be that you wanna train somebody to to be just as good if not better than you are.

0:13:55.9 KD: It's that you wanna write a book, it's that you want to become a consultant. It's that you want to mentor other doctors. It's that whatever it is, what's next? 'Cause guess what? You've come this far in a short amount of time. Just imagine what's possible next. You truly are designing your life every day. You are creating this life from your desire, from your ambitions for the things you want. You are creating this magical life that you get to live. So I would ask the question of what's next? What's next to you magical people out there? What's next for you who are slaying all day, who are striving, who are coming in every single day, what's next for you? Because for Dental A Team podcast, it is to have your guys' help and to this year, guys, I'm scared about it. Okay, so we're finishing 2022 with a million downloads and we have 80,000 downloads per month on average.

0:14:58.6 KD: My goal is to get Dental A Team to 100,000 downloads by next year. I know we can do it guys, that's not that many more people but it will be 100% dependent on you. Guys I never freaking thought I could ever get 80,000, like you better believe when I saw that my jaw dropped. I was like that, "Many people are out there listening?" So it's up to you guys. That's 20,000 more people. Each of you know at least one person. So that's what's next. Guys, I will literally be flabbergasted if this happens this year in 2022 'cause I know it could, but it's up to you guys to help us get there. That's what's next. And guess what, that is easy for you guys to do. But for me that is something that feels absolutely terrifying. What's next for Dental A Team?

0:15:40.4 KD: We're rolling out masterminds guys, masterminds for every department of your practice while still doing one-on-one custom for our platinum clients. To have elite groups for our doctors to come and mastermind in, to have office managers get together and share best practices and best ideas for office team members, hygienists, being able to share and elevate from people who aren't just your consultant. Also doing operations manual intensive masterminds so you guys can get those freaking things done. We're revamping our entire virtual academy course. All of those are gonna be revamped and they're all CE and you still get access to them. That's what's next for Dental A Team. And sometimes when I stop and think, I get a little scared and I think, "Kiera, are you really the one for this job?" And I will say all of you listening, yes you are perfect for this job.

0:16:32.0 KD: You have everything within you to create this and so much more. Like I wish that you could just, we could be sitting here having coffee, whatever you want. I'll be sipping on my, you know, pink drink from Starbucks. That's my go-to drink lately. Or a pumpkin steamer. Guys, everything at Starbucks can be made with no coffee, you probably would not enjoy it, I would love it. That's how we'd be sitting. But I wish that I could be sitting here looking you in the eyes and reminding you of your greatness, of telling you, look how far you've come. Look at the things you've been able to accomplish and look at the people that you have been able to inspire because you chose to take at risk. You chose to go into this career and look at all the people whose lives are different. So you better freaking believe it that yes, the next step for you is possible and you are going to do it faster, easier, and better because you've already taught yourself thus far.

0:17:25.8 KD: So guys, what's next for you? I would absolutely, like I'm giddy about it. I would love to hear what's next for you. So email me [email protected]. I'd love to hear what's next for you. Guys, what's next for Dental A Team podcast? I already told you it's to get to 100,000 downloads a month and it is 100% dependent on you guys. I can't go around and be like, listen to the podcast, listen to the podcast. Hey, have you heard I'm super awesome? You should listen to me. Guys, one, that's weird. Two, I don't know enough people to be that awesome. I do share with people that I have a podcast and spread the word, but ultimately, guys, you are the people connected to dental offices. You're the people that can share with a coworker or team member. You're the person who can post in a Facebook group because it's so much better if it's authentically coming from you.

0:18:13.4 KD: Rather than me being like, I'm super great guys, you should absolutely listen to me every single week. Like silly. So if you guys can help us out, help Dental A Team's podcast go to the next level. If you wanna join all the exciting things happening in Dental A Team, email me [email protected] and let's see if you're a great practice and candidate for it. But don't you even think about it unless you're 100% committed and ready to do it. 'Cause guess what? I ain't your average gym trainer aka consultant. I will push you. Our team will push you and you will grow in ways that you have never imagined. And if you are not to that level, don't call me yet. Call me when you're ready. But if you've even thought like, "Yes, I wanna do it," I expect you to call because you have so much greatness waiting for you.

0:19:00.6 KD: So write it down, what's next for you? What are the accomplishments you've accomplished and just celebrate you today no matter where you are. Some days guys, I have really hard days where I don't want to celebrate me, where I don't think that I'm really that great of a person. I'm not asking for you guys to write me emails, you're welcome to do so. But this isn't meant to solicit or elicit sympathy. It's just to be real raw that I have days where I don't think I'm doing that great. And today is a day for us to not feel that way, but to look back and see all the incredible things that we've accomplished that we've done and who we've become because of it. And then look forward with eyes beaming, super excited going forward because guess what? This is your life. And I would say you guys are the creators of your life, not the manager of your circumstances.

0:19:50.3 KD: So go create and remember Cheryl Sandberg said, "Done is better than perfect." So get moving guys, reach out, share with me your goals, share this podcast with somebody and help us get to that 100,000. I will keep you updated. And as always guys, thanks for listening. I'm making Dental A Team podcasts, what it is, the family that you are the people that I get to share your life with. I get to take your most valuable possession and that is time. And you trust me with it. And I take that super seriously to where I will always show up and I will always deliver for you whether it's just through the podcast or whether I get to engage with you as a private client. I will always take this seriously and you can guarantee that the podcast is gonna continue on for another 600 episodes to keep bringing you guys the positivity, the encouragement, and to remind you that yes, you are enough, yes, you have everything possible within you, and yes, you will absolutely 100% do everything and more that you could have ever imagined. But isn't it beautiful that we can't see the end from the beginning and we get to create it exactly and as perfectly as we could ever imagine. All right guys, thanks for listening and I'll catch you next time on the Dental A Team podcast.


0:21:08.3 KD: And that wraps it up for another episode of the Dental A Team podcast. Thank you so much for listening and we'll talk to you next time.





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