442: Earn More & Work Less

Dr. Jesse Green is back on the podcast to share more real-life experiences of a dentist. In this episode, Dr. Green shares with Kiera how to move your practice from being profitable to scalable. He shares specific insight about:

  • How to become a training institution

  • How to best back away from the business

  • And how to overcome the fear of giving over your practice

It may be a hard pill to swallow, stepping back into a role where you’re no longer the primary profit generator, but Dr. Green shares how other doctors of all shapes and mindsets have managed to do so.

About Dr. Green: Author, speaker, and entrepreneur, Dr. Jesse Green is a leading dental business coach. He established Savvy Dentist to support dentists to develop financial intelligence, have more time and work less, create high performance teams, and master the art of patient flow.

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