075: Rip Off ALL the Bandaids!

Kiera is car-casting to Lake Tahoe with Doctor Summer Kassmel! The duo discusses fighting through day-to-day details to have a win of the day every day. It’s hard being human, and often we find ourselves dodging around the difficult assignments to get little things done. As Dr. Kassmel puts it, we’ve mastered the urgent and negated the important.

Have no fear, Kassmel is here! In this episode she reveals her tips for righting your ship:

  1. Use a time journal to identify where you’re spending your time
  2. Cross off what’s not “working,” or what isn’t moving the needle in progressing the business and your professional life
  3. Reprioritize your list of to-dos; what are the top three things that you and only you can do?
  4. Sit down with your doctor and ask what’s done versus well done in his or her mind

Doctors and team members, be on the same page as one another! Have open conversations to avoid any bad surprises. Helpful hints and more are available as soon as you hit ~play~. More podcast episodes and help to improve your dental practice are over at www.TheDentalATeam.com

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