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117: Ideas Come When We’re Not Constantly Frantic

Kiera’s back from a 10-day trip and she has some awesome takeaways. First, it turns out Kiera is not immune to jetlag (bummer). But on a more serious note, those 10 days away were 10 days without a phone and 10 days without touching base with her team. Normally panic-inducing, Kiera found out that she wants to ultimately be an owner, not an operator of her businesses.

This episode talks excelling as a leader not just personally, but as a team. Other takeaways include:

  • Giving yourself 30 minutes a week (eventually 30 minutes per day) to just sit and think about your work, your life, etc.
  • Finding a way to push inconveniences into your team so they can grow and excel. Find the breaks in your system and fix them.

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