421: How to Get More New Patients

Kiera is joined by marketing strategist, social media coach, and author Minal Sampad to talk all things marketing! If marketing is your practice’s weakness, this episode is absolutely for you. Minal gives play-by-plays of actions you can start taking today to promote your practice AND get a big return on investment.

Learn about peace-of-mind marketing, how to get more new patients, who your ideal patient is, and tons more! By implementing these ideas, Minal says you can reduce your marketing efforts by 20% and do better than you could ever imagine.

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Podcast Transcript:

0:00:05.6 S1: Hey everyone, welcome to the daily team podcast. I'm your host, Jared, and I have this crazy idea that maybe I could combine a doctor and a team member's perspective, because let's face it, dentistry can be a challenging profession with those two perspectives. I've been in dental treatment coordinator, schedule filler, office manager, regional manager, practice owner, and I have a team of traveling resultant or we have traveled over 165 different offices. Coaching teams. Yep, you don't just understand you... We are you. Our mission is to positively impact the world of dental, and I believe that this podcast is the greatest way I can help elevate teams, grow VIP experiences, reduce stress and create 18. Welcome to the delete podcast. Hello dental Team listeners, this is Kara as you guys. I am so honored and thrilled to be having one of my favorite people on our podcast today, I have read her book, your marketing is killing your business. I love her, I love what she's done. She's helped us with marketing and dental a team you Gers... No, marketing is my cues Hall, so I am always jazz to bring someone on here who is waitara it, way better at it, and it's also in the dental field, so I'm so honored to welcome a Apache is amazing.


0:01:17.3 S1: So how are you today?


0:01:19.3 S2: I'm doing Catalonia an introduction, and by the way, I love you that you guys are super awesome, and then Potiphar, you are doing amazing with everything that you're doing, so here to...


0:01:30.8 S1: Well, thank you for that. I always feel very, I guess, just dumb when it comes to marketing, 'cause I'm like, Oh, there's the marketing side and there's branding, and then we've got our social media marketing, and then we have network marketing, and then we have pay per click and SEO marketing, and I just thought it was all marketing, it's kind of like I'm sure people are like, Well, it's just a car. Now there's Toyota and Honda, and then you get up to Lamborghini, and then you have your methods... How field marketing is from here, I'm like, No, no, it's just all marketing, so I have a very minimal introduction, kinda give us your background, your history, how you got into marketing... I'm sure everybody love her, I love your story. So caraway... Oh.


0:02:09.5 S2: Well, thank you. In a nutshell, I am in a digest, I am a marketing strategist, such media coach, author, speaker, and I guess my favorite thing is I'm an enthusiastic shoe overseen just... Right.


0:02:24.0 S1: Shoes are not just, shoot or not issues.


0:02:29.6 S2: But I grew up in St. Camargo island, that was born in India. I grew up in the margin Island. I lived in New Jersey, they turn in to college with my husband, and then just... In 2017, my husband and I moved to Washington State. So currently, we live in Washington State surrounded by vineyard, so it's not a bad life.


0:02:49.0 S1: Is a pretty great one.


0:02:50.4 S2: I love it. And then when I was in college, I... Mori was a pre-dental student, so I was studying biology and communication part of being a pedal student was that you have to shadow dentate. That was just a part of one of the clubs I belong to. So remember, I grew up in San Tomas in the virginal, and so I didn't have family or friends or anybody in New Jersey, so I remember putting my resume to the other and faxing it on the day of that... Okay.


0:03:22.4 S1: So post fax back into my guys, there's this really cool thing called Metro facts or other facings out there, I will literally email to you, you do not ever have to do a fax machine in another file link, but it faces case facie.


0:03:35.3 S2: I've faced it over to all of these indirect ICES, and then this pediatric orthodontic dental practice gives me a call and says, Come on in and shadow up. So I was like, Great, I got it, I got two, I got a dental practice that wants to share me and looked at my fact that I said to work. So I go there, I shadowed them for three or four miles Cause it was a pretty long shadowing time, and while I was leaving, they offered me a job to work there, but I was already working two jobs at college and having a full schedule, so I said You know what, I would let you guys know... Well, I had the wonderful luck of graduating in 2000... Welcome, welcome. 2008m to 2008, and I remember... 'cause I just told my dad that I'm putting going to dental school on the old... Had taken my data, I'd done my... And I'm like, I just don't know if I wanna go EnTech Ol, I really, really love Communication and Marketing, and I really wanna try to do this stuff, I just convince my father that I'm going to take this break, if you can imagine the state type stuff or you Toonami in a atoned that actually go over.


0:04:38.7 S2: Not so well. And clearly it was 2008, so I remember trying to call all my connections, all the networking, trying to get a job, try to be a big girl with something or the other going on, and the central practice, I call them up and the office manager tells me, You know what, we are not hiring anybody, we have 60 people working here at 2008. More than we don't need to hire somebody. But come on in that now, and I knew that Moonbase lunch time, so I was like, Great. Never miss a networking opportunity... Right, that's real on 01. You always go. So I show up expecting to have lunch with the doctors, well, the next thing I know I'm being interviewed by the office manager, and then the next thing I know is the owner of the practice comes in and he says, We have no idea what you're going to do here, but we just like you, we like you to be like your energy, if you like your drive, so we are just going to hire you and we will just be where you fit in. So it just happened that I was in the right place at the right time with the people that I was able to connect with, they hired me, I was created from everywhere from welcome to scheduling, to insurance, to being a lab tech, to creating the instruments were helping with assisting and then I took over marketing.


0:05:52.1 S2: 'cause that's what I study, and that's what I wanted to do. Well, one thing, like to the next, the number is doubled, and he was a very well-known person and a speaker in the industry, so they asked him to come and speak on marketing. And he said, Well, I don't do what she does. So he put me on the stage in 2013, I launched my first marketing company by breaking in world record. And here we are in 2021, it's crazy how time goes. It's crazy.


0:06:22.6 S1: Are you an office that actually has your operations manna then... Okay, hi, five. Most offices do not even have this thing completed, and if they do, they're not even maximizing it or utilizing it, so guys, we're putting on a free... You've heard right? Free ice credit event on September 17th. Join us guys, get your tickets registered now, get your team over there, be there because somebody who signs up this week is going to actually get three months of operations manual intensive coaching with our consulting team. So hop on over, guys, it's going to be Friday, September 17, 60 credits for you and your team, come workshop style, let's get this operations manna done, but let's level it up, let's make sure to use right now with hiring. And we thought this was the best way we could give back to you and your practices. So head on over to the dental team dot com, and I will see you guys Friday, September 17th. That's a really sensory... And I love something I love about you in dental marketing is that you actually work in the tenure, so you get it, you breathe it. You've done it.


0:07:25.3 S1: A lot of marketing companies have never been in the dental practice, and as fun as that is to not be in there, I feel like there's so much value to having been in there, it's one of the reasons dealt team, I love what we do for our consulting because we don't say, We just understand you. We don't just know you. We will bend you. We know you. We know your world. We've done that insurance verification, I got you. It's such a bad day when you're like, I've been a hold for 30 minutes and you want a treatment plan right now, like I'll happily say Yes and call him back for 30 minutes again. And so for you to understand that world really is awesome, so kinda walk us through some of the... I Love to do tangible on the podcast, I love and you know that you're the same way your book is chuck, full of lots of ideas. I took a ton of notes. I literally was on a plane you guys at the very jam-packed book... If you're like me, I listen to books at 25 or three times the speed, 'cause I just think it's fun and I pay attention better, but I was like typing so fast on all the notes...


0:08:23.3 S1: I had a whole list of them. It was a fight that I was on. Got through your entire book, it was awesome. So kind of long us through right now, current, what are some of the marketing things that people can do that they can implement now that are going to get a big ROI... We only have so much time in our lives, so what are some of those things that you see... 'cause I know you market for a lot of different companies...


0:08:42.2 S2: Yeah, it depends on what we want to start doing. I think one of the things that we absolutely want to do right now is what I would call is a piece of mind marketing, and I got that from there is a wine place... 'cause again, like I said, I live in a place with 16 in year. Then I remember going to this vineyard and sipping wine with my husband a few months ago, and as soon as I walked in there, a big sign that says peace of mind, and I'm like, how clever, how clever, how authentic. So they totally get the credit for this for a peace of mind, but a piece of mind marketing and the way that I like to see that is, covid is apparently here to stay, it does not seem to wanna go away, are now getting back... Now, every time we are like, Yes, we're going on. It's like, Nope, I'm here, I'm a... Did you forget about me? I'm still here, I'm still SCRAM. So here, I'm still here. So what other things that I've been having a lot of my clients in the dental field Jr, is starting this piece of my marketing now, the piece of mind marketing that works is that you have to be able to give your patients exactly what they need so that they feel comfortable coming to your practice, so I'll give you a perfect example of this.


0:09:52.6 S2: Let's say that we are working with a... I'm assuming we have a lot of GP practices, right? Let's say that somebody in here wants to make sure that their current patients and their potential patients, they wanna bring in something, somebody who is about 38 to 40 years old, so somebody who's a young family, possibly as a family, or I want to attract that family, usually they want to attract or Target or decision-makers tend to be women, so they wanna try and do that. Right, so let's say that you look at your patient roster and you say that you have somebody call samanta, samanta is 38 years old. She loves you guys, who've been coming to you guys for a few years, her family loved you, and she has somebody who... Every time she comes in, Oh, you guys are the best. You're amazing heritage. She's amazing. Well, what you wanna do is you wanna call it some Anand say, Hey Amanda, we know that you've been a long compassion for us, and we want to ask you for a favor, would you help us just spread the word out that it's safe to be here, if you'd be willing to do that.


0:10:50.4 S2: We would love to do that. It's a mentee. She loves you guys already, she's a like, Sure, yeah, I'm gonna be coming in for my appointment anyway, so why not? Well, the way you do this is you make a less than two minute... It's a very specific strategy. You're going to make a less than two-minute video of Samantha checking into checking out. Now, in this video, you're going to show how your patients are currently checking in, if it's touches payments, if they are filling the forms online, are they checking in in the car, are they checking in the waiting room... Are your furniture better? Do you have shields wearing what is going on, what is your protocol right now, so you show that Samantha comes in, check, then you see that there is already like marks, things are clean, but she has to stay and a system comes in. They're all covered. Had to chose. They're good to go. Now they're moving through. Well, you do that, you show a very quick, very quick thing of the hygiene starting of their room and also making sure that it's all cleaned up again, it doesn't have to be focused on everything, but just the fact that instruments are being open in front of the patient, just the fact that the hygienist has...


0:11:51.7 S2: Were in the 95s, the whole thing, right? And then as you go through, you have the check out process as well, for Manchester Tulane, she just has to put her card there, you give her a pen that she takes home, it's not the same time that somebody uses it. Well, so you zoom in on there that she taught writing and then she put it in a first, so you are being very clever and slick about what it is that you're showing, but at the same time, you're telling people what is expected and what they should know about coming to your practice. And then this is a key point. The end of this, You achimota, five questions. And you start with question number one, then you say, Samantha, how was your appointment today? Just a very easy question. How was your appointment today? Oh, you know what I saw, I saw Kat was great. I'm a dental hygiene appointment, I feel so much better now, I can't be able to the dentist in six months, and my work has changed to there at home now, so I am ranching all day and I'm drinking to her, I'm so glad I was being today and carrots, such a wonderful job.


0:12:48.1 S2: I just lovers. Such a great high jet. Wonderful. Question number two did you feel safe being at the practice today... Was this comfortable for you? Absolutely, they send me all the forms before and it was so easy, I was taken back, I did not feel anything at all, I felt more of being here than being a target and walking around trying to buy a dress. Wonderful. Question number three, what would you say would you think there are so many people right now who need dental care, because again, whatever you eat goes into your body and right now, our health is a priority. What would you say to them about going to the dentist? Come to the Dental, Guys have to luckily. Come to the Danes. What are you doing? Come on over here. This is so great that a... That, right. And then the fourth question, and this question again, you have to be a little bit almost making an entire speech from Sumatra, and you ask the Matan, you said his mate, thank you so much for that. And you know any... Would you recommend your family and friends to our practice? I've been recommending everybody to you from the longest time, you won't believe it, it's been so great, all my family and friends love you guys, everybody come on and it's safe to be here, Delano, what you are doing is that you're asking samanta specific questions.


0:13:54.7 S2: When you're adding the video, you remove those questions, so now it's only samanta speaking, so it almost says, Hey, I had my appointment with Kata, it was such a wonderful appointment, thank you so much, perform making sure my smile is healthy and beautiful, I absolutely felt safety here I feel more so higher than go grocery shopping, everything was clean, everything was amazing, all the team members are following all the protocols, I recommend my family and friends to come to this practice all the time. I've been a patient for 10 years now, and I absolutely love it. So you see now you have this really that is showing the entire or quick appointment Le than two minutes, and it ends with Samantha talking about how wonderful she feels being at your practice. Now, that's the video you put on YouTube, but on your website, you email it to your patients, you send it that out as an attachment when you send your welcome email to your potential patients. That's an example of peace of mind marketing, because there's only so much you can say that lets people know that your practice is saved, that you're following the guideline that is safe to be at your practice then to go grocery topic, 'cause you don't have to touch that.


0:14:58.5 S2: Salary that somebody else does touch and you put it in your bag and you could bring it to you, you don't have to do that because we even give you a pen that you take back with you, we are being so careful with everything, like it's safer for you to be here, but you can't keep saying that 'cause you sound like a broken record, you need somebody else to say that and you need somebody else who can... Other people can reflect, and that's why I say Choose a patient in the age group that you usually see, if you see a lot of seniors, if you're in plane practice or if you see a lot of seniors, then choose a senior, but the strategy is to find somebody who loves you, who will do this for you, and then making sure that you put those keeping in play so people know exactly what they're seeing, and then ending it with a testimonial that, yes, people know how safe and amazing it is to be at your practice. So something you can do this tomorrow, guys, like Go look at your patient base, do this tomorrow is super easy to do.


0:15:50.6 S1: The dental team family, and some of you know I've recently found and become obsessed with one of my favorite companies out there, studio 88, they are incredible, Josh and Joanna and their team make marketing simple, fun, effective and affordable. You guys, they just finish a website for me and I am obsessed, they figured out exactly what I wanted to share without even knowing what I wanted, and their process was so simple. So studio 88 is dentistry story-driven marketing agency, they started in 2014 by Joshua, owner and CEO, and their mission is to tell a better story. Josh says, marketing becomes great when it's true. Dentistry is innovative. Inspiring and beautiful. Let's tell that story, and I will tell you guys from first hand, I love working with them, they are so freakin fantastic, they're on time, they're fast or efficient, and they deliver better and better and better results. So what they do is they're focused on the digital space. They leave each client through their proprietary process, which includes discovering your story, telling your story and sharing your story with your community, they do a combination of high-end custom design with storytelling messaging, they create marketing that's truly unique to you, and their tagline is, because your story is worth it.


0:17:09.7 S1: So you guys, I would love you to go check out my dear friends, Josh and Joanna with Studio 88, you can check them out on their website at www dot S-8-8. That's the letter S, the Number 8, the letter E. Number eight, dot com, studio 88, they're incredible. You guys will love them, and Josh and Dana, thank you guys so much for all of your support of the dental team and you guys be sure to go get your story told because your story is worth it. I love that I was very intrigued the whole time you were saying that, because I think we often make marketing too hard, we think it's going to take all this time, all this effort, but that's a very simple thing, and I love how you took that video and repurpose it into so many areas, 'cause I was thinking like I have her put it on her social feed, but you literally took it to send it to your new patient, send it to your newsletter, send it to... Put it under YouTube channel. Put it on your website. I


0:18:03.9 S2: Like that for her. And here's a pro tip, right? Send it to Samantha. Agreed to a senator, she's gonna block it out of somebody feed your mind a video, I would be blasting it out everywhere, and everybody's like, I... My dentist doesn't give me a pen that I can home, my dentist doesn't have a touch less payment, my dentist doesn't do that, and now you just got somebody else to be... Yes.


0:18:27.4 S1: You did it. I love that because you're right. And I think one of the biggest things I've learned from you is to make sure that your marketing is very timely. I do the things that people need to know right now, like you said, have this be a peace of mind and letting patients know because patients are scared covid here, so how do we help patients who used to come all the time... I mean, there was a lot of people who have just walled up and stayed home and they still have not really come out of their shells 'cause they're very afraid of it. Those are the people you need to get back in. So I love that you say, I go after the issue at hand and stay very relevant, so if an office was wanting to get morning patients... It tends to be a very popular topic. What would you say for market, what are some of the things... Like where do they go? Should they be doing SEO, should they be doing paper-click, should they be doing a referral process INSEAD... I think that that's where marketing almost feels daunting because it's like, where do I actually start, so do you have any tips on where people can start...


0:19:22.2 S1: How they can know what to do first. Maybe I'm asking for myself.


0:19:28.2 S2: Just so not... No, absolutely, this is why... My book is called why marketing is caring your business. I am a firm believer that whatever marketing you're doing right now, you could reduce it by 20%, so I am rebellious in that nature where people would usually say You have to do everything you do, be everywhere to get everything that... No, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Down here is the truth. All marketing works. And all marketing doesn't work, I have practices who literally survive on Google, I have practices that don't have any Google searches whatsoever and are doing just fine making millions of dollars and their social media... So is zero. Absolutely, then I have some practices who have been there for such a long time, but they don't have to spend any money on marketing 'cause the referral system is so strong, when I have practices who spend literally 10000 just on SEO and Google as just so that they can make money. So it's not about which marketing platform should I do, it's about what marketing platform are your patients are looking at, so if you are trying to target, depending on who your patient base is, right, I always talk about this, and I have this in my book too, and I always think, Who is your home? So if you're trying to attract somebody, let's say who are in the baby border generation, and the that generation tends to be a big part of our patient base because they need the implant, maybe the full rehab, they need all that cosmetic work.


0:20:51.5 S2: These are the people who need that. The younger population are the bread and butter, they are the ones coming for hygiene re-care, they are the ones coming in for the fillings, but the big case is a big treatment cases are usually the population that needs the big cases. Now, if you're going after that population, you need to understand how the population is reacting to your marketing, if you expect my dad to sit there and work on a chat bot, he's going to hate you immediately, and he does not want to be there with you, but if you tell them that, Hey, you know what, I have Sarah here and Sarah is going to be a go-to person and you can call Sara, and Sarah has this wonderful patient, happy personality that she's going to answer all the questions, go through everything with my Dad, you have him, he will come to your practice. Now, compare to that, let's say that you are in a place where you have a lot of young generation, very tech-savvy generation. Somebody like me, for example, I don't want to talk to a person, give me a chat box, send me a message, don't come, don't even call me if you call me and we don't have a call schedule...


0:21:49.6 S2: There's a 98% chance I will not be picking up that phone call, I say this out to everybody, they make fun of me, but I say, schedule a call, We gotta chat, but send me an email, should be a message. It's very easy to connect because that's what I prefer, so it's not about what marketing a practice should focus on, it's about what marketing are there patients connecting with, and once we have that... Everything is easy. I have practices who use print mailers, people tell me prints that right, people are always like, No, I... His dad do not do print in our different... I can name you so many practices whose entire marketing is Sprint mailers and there are multi-million dollar practices, they're doing just fine, so all marketing words... All marketing does not work. What generation are you trying to attract who are your potential patients, and then let's say wherever they are hanging out is where we go, and that's as simple as that.


0:22:46.3 S1: So then that's gonna lead to another question, I just pulled up all my notes on my phone from your book, and one of the big pieces that you had in there... I love that you said connect versus market, so see how you can connect versus market, which I think is what you're talking about, and then you also talk about quality over quantity, and then you also had to break it down 'cause I work through here and you're like, Who is your super hero customer? And really figuring that out. And that was where I was gonna lead I... Because a lot of people say, Well, minnow actually want every patient, and I'm like, No, no, no, no, you actually don't, I'm not gonna... But I'll tell you the Minolta, you don't actually want every single patient, so how do offices decide... I kinda teed up a few of your pieces from your book, How Do offices decide who their ideal patient is? I know that until...


0:23:30.2 S2: But they really just initiates is a really good question because I do get that along there, I just spoke at a conference over the weekend, and we literally... I have them all do their new patient avatar exercise during my workshop, and I literally had somebody say, I wanna attract... I see patients from age 2 to 85, and I'm like, That's great, but that just means we have to now build five different altars, and we'll make sure that all of that match, right. So the way you decide who you wanna attract is three different ways, The first way is if you've been in your practice for a long time and you have been seeing patients, so for example, some AA and you know that Samantha has chosen you for a reason and you want to bring more people like SAADA, so if you already know somebody that comes to your practice and they are the kind of people that you wake up every morning and be like someone that's coming into Islam to be a great idea, was going to delight... Then you know what putamen is what you like, what you just like, So where she hangs out, how she makes a buy decision what she loves about your practice, then you can just replicate that in your marketing so that you can start making sure that other samanta find your practice, because they have similar...


0:24:38.9 S2: Well, there are similarities in general that the first man of looking at it, the second way of looking at is what is in the book where I talk about building your actor and the building your avatar, you literally build the person you wanna target for your practice. I do this all the time because as soon as I build that avatar, and the key point, as I mentioned the book, is to name that avatar, I have different that I attract for my business. And this is our connection, life is because if I don't know who I am trying to connect with, then how am I going to figure that out? So I literally build an ideal adoor, but their age of their life, their displaced where they live, their workplace, and I make them real, they exist, and because they're just like... One of my advantages name is Claire, and Claire is about 45 years old, she is a dentist, she specifically a pediatric dentist. She has kids of her own. She lives in the United States because it's for me, for all other... But she is somebody who is active in Facebook group, she's somebody who goes and starts Instagram pages, she's also somebody who is very vocal about things that are happening in the community.


0:25:44.1 S2: Now, if I'm trying to target Claire to join Mercator gist or to become a part of my business, then I know that I need to make sure that I am marketing... That is inside Facebook groups. I need to make sure that she's very well vocal and as other friends, so where can I build connection pieces where I know that she's going to know that... I know that she's a mom answers A Petersen is result. So as a mom, I know that I have to connect with her own pieces that are important to her children... What is she doing? How did she get there? So now that I know what Clarke and I know how clear reacts and connect to different marketing, I produce just that. So that Claire gets exactly what she's looking for. Now, so that's a second way, it's your build your ideal avatar, and if you are able to build your ideal avatar and then you exactly know where the other thing... One of my avatars for my companies are... So Sam, and Sam is a 55-year-old business owner who has a company that's there for five years and they're looking to level up sand as a consultant coach and speaker, and has a company that he is ready to bring up to the next level.


0:26:47.7 S2: Now, Stam has likes and dislikes. He's not necessarily on the social media world, but he's very much into the conference world, so he's very much a very... Conferences, he goes to different conferences, things like that, then I know that, Hey, that's what's going on. I need to then be at a conference where Stan is going to be, and I need to produce what Satan is good for marketing. So you kinda start building it, you do the same thing with patients, so that's the second way of looking at it, and then the third way of looking at it is kind of replicating it based on not what's coming to your practice or not what you want to attract, but based on your product or your service. What is your product and your service? So, so for example, if you're trying to market dental implant who who are to implant for... So you reverse engineer your product or your service, and now you know who you wanna track, so if you know that your dental implants are for this population, 'cause you have data and you've been doing it, you know the people that come for it, you know the people who pay for it? If people need formal rehab, who are the people who need formal app, so you reverse engineer your product and your service, and now you know who to market to and how to market...


0:27:56.6 S2: 'cause you know who they are. I like it.


0:27:58.6 S1: I like it a lot. And I'm going to spin that because you mentioned you have quite a few different avatars.


0:28:03.1 S2: A lot of practices have quite a few different avatars.


0:28:05.3 S1: And so in my mind, I'm a very methodical person in some ways, and then I'm also downright crazy chaos sometimes too, and on this, I'm like, Okay, how do I make this into a system? So I was like, okay, Monday goes to Claire, Tuesday goes to Sam, Wednesday. So how do you actually mark it, 'cause I'm thinking like building out posts and building out newsletters, how do you market when you have a couple of different avatars that you wanna attract into your practice, or does that defeat the purpose that you should pretty much just focus on one, how do you kinda mix that around, if you've got a couple of different avatars you do wanna market to and attract to your practice, so


0:28:38.5 S2: You want to focus on one specific Avatar one time. What I always suggest that you do six-week campaigns, okay, now your campaigns could be three weeks long or your campaigns could be six weeks on during the year, and depending on how many avatars you have, here's what happens when you lose focus. When you are not focused on one specific... And I have tried this many, many times I... I speak, I have a book, I have workshops. A Marketo is a pediatric. Ports have hesitated, we have tried where we call everything out, 'cause we were like, Let's just show people all the stuff that we are doing, and it's like, they're like, Oh my God, they feel overwhelmed by looking at a hole, stuff that you're doing and you're missing out the whole point, the way that I have seen success, and this is for all businesses, including dental practices, is you focus on one specific thing, so I always figure out and say, Okay, are we going with Avatar 1, which is replication of the count avatar or your brand new avatar or your product or service. Let's go ahead and build campaigns around each and then for that specific amount of time that ever zone that's ever go.


0:29:40.6 S2: So if other avatar is going to be a bride who need cosmetic work, and again, it Muslim it currently with the wedding season, then literally for three weeks, all we are talking about are brittle cosmetic work and what we are going to do with that. So let's say we were to shift the two implants now and we are going to specifically focus on implants, 'cause that's a product, a service we provide, then we specifically focus on product and implants for X amount of time. Now, that is front-facing marketer, so I mean, this is a front-facing marketing that goes from your social media, this is a front-facing marketing that goes by your email marketing, this is a front-facing marketing there, so there's front-facing marketing and there's back marketing. Now, in your back marketing, clearly you have your website company who always have keywords for your implants and your Think and your hormones and all of that, so the digital stuff, which requires coding and stuff, which is the back marketing with the links and everything else that you're trying to do all of that is always on consistently, but the front-facing marketing where you're directly connecting with people using your website, your email market, in your social media, internally, if you're trying to do a campaign, let's say...


0:30:47.9 S2: I mean, right now it's going to be back to school because it's September, right? So if you're trying to figure out something to do for September, then focus on that your front face, and it should be super focused on that, and that way anybody who goes to your page or whatever they're doing, they know what's happening, they know who we are trying to attract at that time. I love it.


0:31:06.4 S1: Okay, all my last question for you as we wrap it up is, I think a lot of people will get scared of marketing, maybe I'm speaking again to myself because it's very hard sometimes you see the ROI of marketing, so how can people tell if their marketers a good marketer, or if they should be looking for a different marketer, what do you tell people, how do you know that you're actually seeing results from your marketing revenue... Bottom


0:31:31.1 S2: Line, there was no other way.


0:31:33.8 S1: Alright, how long before they should see those results, I like your style 'cause I'm the same way am I, if we're gonna work together, you better see an ROI, and if you're not, then I kick us to the car, like that is something I pride ourselves on heavily so they should be seeing morning patients, higher revenue, things like that, how long?


0:31:50.4 S2: I don't think... I'm not sure it's specifically depending on, again, are you looking for more new patients or production... Right, so this is why I have a chapter for quality or quantity, sometimes with marketing, we do get stuck on this idea of I need 2000 followers and I need X amount of people who like my posts, and I need 85 new patients or whatever it is, right. But realistically, I could have a post that only has a... I could have an account that only has 800 followers, but my engagement is off the room... I'm totally okay with that. So it's understanding what goal it is that you're trying to reach and then measuring that goal for some practices... Yeah, I have practices, we take all the insurances in the world and they really just want new patients, 'cause that's how they make money, then I have feeder service practices who don't want to see a lot of mutations, they are very specific on their peer service, they're specific for their treatment, I have some practices will only do implants and formal re-abs and that's all their characters and they are totally okay with 10 new patients a month.


0:32:52.8 S2: They're totally fine with that. So the number game, I don't like to get stuck on the number, I'd like to get stuck on the goal, what is my goal? And did I achieve that goal? And that is true for even if you were to simply do a social media content, and in your social media content, you are like, You know what, let's do a teacher appreciation, which schools are starting at the end, what is your goal with territory? What is it that you're trying to do? And once you have that goal, if you achieve that goal, it was successful, if you don't achieve that goal, then let's give it... Change it up, try it again. Like


0:33:25.1 S1: I like it somehow. Do you work with the offices? Do you do monthly coaching with them, do you... Just kinda shake it up. How do you kinda work with offices...


0:33:34.5 S2: I have three different plans that I work with offices for, clearly there is a one-on-one marketing strategy brand, where I take a look at everything that they're doing. I've worked with a team member in site prep, so it's very important to me that you have somebody inside the practice that I can work with, that I can coach, that I can train, because I as a hygienist, I truly believe that everything in your marketing happens internally. And if I can be at your practice internally, I can... I will not charge you for that to manage it, so I want somebody inside your practice, you can do that, so I have a marketing strategy plan, when I go over everything I train, I teach a coach, including social media, internal, it's not community marketing, the whole thing. My goal, if I set the goal, my goal is to reduce your marketing expense and increased production... That's what it is. The second thing is social media coaching, I have a lot of practices who specifically want to work for social media only, and I have a whole system around that, and we do that too. And then the third one is MacroPoint.


0:34:33.1 S2: So market logs is an marketing strategy School, where I teach live sessions every month, so there's live sessions, there's Q and A sessions, there is... You also get one-on-one session with me, there's recorded sessions, there is... Every single kind of marketing can think of, there is L inside, there are people who are teaching instigates resources and worksheets and lag, and it's a very cohesive huge thing, but Marketo gist is the right for people who want to learn their pace, but also it's done with you... It's not done for you, or it's not done by yourself, it's done with you, so it's just a great way. I like that people will send me an email at midnight and be like, here... So I was just in this course and I just saw this, what do you say, we do that about... Can we talk about this in our next one-on-one session? I'm like, yes, I don't have to repeat myself, 'cause they already looked at the information, but they knew exactly what they wanted to go over and that information and they can do that on one, so it was just a... I'm like you, I like to have checklists and methods in the system, so it's very systematic, which is what I love about it.


0:35:35.4 S2: Yes.


0:35:35.9 S1: I love it. I love it so much, someone... You are just a wealth of knowledge. It was so fun to chat with you guys, check her out, and all people wanna connect with you, they just are interested in it. I know you specialize in dentist, which is why I really wanna do on the podcast, you've got the dental background behind you, how can people connect with you


0:35:51.5 S2: On Minoan dot com, M-I-N-A-L-S-M-P dot com is my website. That's where you can find all the amazing stuff, that's their Mercator gist, which is market apologist dot com, you can find that, but really, I connect with me, if you want to connect with me. Go to Facebook, look up an San panos, a photo, migrate dress. Tell me a friend a West, send me a Facebook message. Like seriously, just connect. If I'm going to preach about connection, I need to be able to connect as well. So send me a friend request. Send me a hello I a message. Let me know you heard about this on the podcast of your questions. I'm more than happy to answer it. I just love to talk to people and connect with them, so yeah, just... Let's be Facebook and like...


0:36:35.7 S1: I like it, but now you're so fun, it's so fun to hang out with you, it's fun to chat with you. I'm so happy to share you guys... Her book was fantastic. It's on Amazon, so if you wanna check that out, your marketing is tell your business, and I'll spot, you guys can go check her out, all those different ways, and if you guys are struggling with marketing... Go for it. I also say I take a lot of things she said in this podcast, it was jam-packed with tactical, as you guys know, we're tactical practical on this podcast, to try it out, I just encourage you to take one thing, have your team listen to this podcast, you guys can take it. Implement it, it's not hard. I remind yourself, I believe that you are one small decision from a completely different life, so take that decision today, have a completely different life. And minor, thank you for being on the podcast. It was such an honor and a pleasure. Thank you for having me. Of course. Alright, guys. That wraps it up, and I will thank you so much for stealth next time on the dental team podcast.


0:37:26.9 S1: Alright, Denali, to listeners. That's a wrap. Thank you so much for listening, and if you love today's Podcast, colliery, it takes you five seconds and your view helps more offices, more practices or team members. Just like you find out about 1018. Thank you guys so much for being part of my dental team family.



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