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Episode 538: The Numbers You Need to Know

practice profitability Jun 16, 2022

Question: I’m interested in standardizing my chart of accounts and understanding whether or not I qualify for employee retention credits. Where do I start?

Scott Haberman and Jon Stanfield of Eide Bailly are on the podcast to talk about improving the profitability of your dental practice. Whether you hate numbers or not, it’s your moral obligation to know the details of your practice to make smarter decisions for your patients. This episode is absolutely one to bookmark. Scott and Jon talk with Kiera about the following:

  • Standardizing chart of accounts — including where to start

  • Employee retention credits — timelines, how to qualify, where to start

  • Audits

  • Key metrics a practice should watch

These can be intimidating topics, but Jon and Scott offer great insight into how Eide Bailly can help your practice, whether it’s getting on its feet or a seasoned veteran.

Episode resources:

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