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Episode 541: How To Overcome The Great Resignation

great resignation Jun 23, 2022

Question: How can I help my employees get over burnout?

Ladies and gents, David Siegel, CEO of Meetup, is on the Dental A-Team podcast! David joins Kiera to talk about how Covid-19 shifted workplace dynamics, and solutions to overcome the challenges presented. The pair touches on the following: 

  • How to get employees to want to work for you

  • Ways to overcome burnout

  • The number one reason people leave a business

  • Suggestions for virtual companies

  • Tips for decisiveness

David also dives into Meetup and how it can work for your practice.

About David:

David Siegel is the CEO of Meetup, the largest platform for finding and building local community. He has over 20 years of experience as a technology and digital media executive leading organizations through innovative product development, rapid revenue growth, and digital traffic acceleration. Prior to joining Meetup, David was CEO of Investopedia and before that, president of Seeking Alpha. David holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics & Economics, and an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania. He is an adjunct professor at Columbia University where he teaches strategic planning and entrepreneurship. He hosts the podcast Keep Connected, which is dedicated to the power of community. David’s book, Decide & Conquer, lays out the framework for decision-making that leaders can use to ensure organizational and personal success.

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