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163: Are You Maximizing Your Practice? Membership Plans

Feb 26, 2020

 It’s time to figure out your practice’s membership plan! Jordon Comsock, founder of BoomCloud (dental membership plan software), joins Kiera to talk about the highs and lows of dental marketing, both internally and externally. Jordon offers three ways to figure out which external marketing tactics work for you:

  1. Talk to existing patients (and educate your team to do so)

  2. Utilize Facebook advertising (no, really)

  3. Send out direct mail marketing (the 55+ crowd is a good place to start)

Jordon and Kiera talk through case studies of how these three options worked for other practices, and the leap their numbers took. Different marketing options will work for different practices, but you need to take action TODAY to figure out what will work best for yours. Head over to www.BoomCloud.com to look into membership plan options, and then visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to find other ways your practice can best serve new and existing patients.


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162: Dental Assistant Mix-Up

Feb 25, 2020

Ashley Keith is about to become a mom — and aside from being excited for that journey, as office manager for Keith + Associates Dentistry, she has to prep her team for the time she’ll be away on maternity leave. In this episode, Kiera and Ashley dive into how Ashley’s spent her time growing the dental assistants in the office.

Traditionally, the dental assistants were paired with one doctor, but panic would ensue whenever someone needed to go on vacation or take time off. Ashley shares how she implemented a rotating system to help the assistants take on new challenges and overcome their fears with soft goals. This idea forced the crew to address problems together and to be empowered by change. Next up, Ashley will do the same with her hygienists.

Keep an ear out for how you can inspire your team to look for innovative ways to increase productivity and streamline procedures! More over at www.TheDentalATeam.com.  



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161: Assume the Yes!

Feb 20, 2020

Treatment planning used to scare Kiera. She thought its success identified her and that people telling her no was a giant rubber-stamped failure on her forehead. Fake news, folks! In this episode, Kiera talks listeners through the best methods to adopt when treatment planning and how to make it an easy opportunity to connect with patients. There’s even a game of life thrown in.

The biggest takeaway is assuming people will say yes. Set aside your judgments on who each person is, how he or she lives, and how much income is flowing; assume the yes and it’ll set you up for success!

Kiera and the rest of The Dental A-Team want to work with your office on perfecting treatment planning! If you’re interested in this opportunity, please reach out to hello@thedentalateam.com today.  


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160: The Best Way to Build Trust Among Your Coworkers with Tiffanie Trader

Feb 19, 2020

Kiera’s right-hand woman, Tiffanie Trader, is back with more goods! Tiffanie is a traveling coach with the DAT and one of the best with team morale!! 

Today’s topic is consistency in a leadership position — the number one way to get your team to like you, respect you, and support you. Kiera and Tiffanie talk about what to do and what NOT to do to build trust within your team, including how to fight through the bad days and who/who not to vent your problems to. Being a good leader also means taking care of yourself, so don’t forget to fill your own wellness bucket. 

Looking for other ways to be the best leader you can be? Check out your options at www.TheDentalATeam.com!   

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159: Say the Thing That’s Stopping You From Saying the Thing with traveling DAT Coach, Tarley Reed

Feb 18, 2020

Being human means we each go through times of upset. Learning how to have hard conversations with people (both professionally and personally) can help smooth out those rocky paths. Kiera connects with DAT’s traveling coach, Tarley Reed, in this episode to talk about communicating when it’s difficult — a valuable skill everyone can benefit from. It starts, Tarley explains, with understanding each other as equal humans.

The two dive into what hard conversations look like and what exactly is stopping you from having them. Keep an eye out for Tarley on future episodes, and learn more about what she does at www.TheDentalATeam.com!   



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158: Bonus Episode: Do You Feel the Love? 5 Love Languages, 6 Human Needs + 1 Overflowing Love Bucket

Feb 14, 2020

Happy week of love! Did you know the number one reason people leave jobs is because they don’t feel appreciated? Kiera discusses how to show love for your team members in a personalized way, based on their love language and human need. 

That’s right, it’s time to take some quizzes! Learn your love language here and find out which human need is driving your behavior here. Encourage your team members to take these quizzes so you can understand how to show your appreciation for each of them in a way they’ll best respond to! It’s time to fill one another’s love buckets <3

Lastly, Kiera thanks and loves all of YOU for being part of The Dental A-Team. Every single download, comment, or like goes straight to her heart. Stay awesome, fam.  


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157: News Flash! Block Scheduling is the Way to Go!

Feb 13, 2020

157: News Flash! Block Scheduling is the Way to Go!

It’s time for a deep dive into something that will make every single team member’s life easier AND get rid of non-productive days! That’s right, the title said it all: block scheduling! In this episode, Kiera dives deep into one of her favorite office hacks and walks listeners through how exactly to build the perfect schedule.

Doctors, build out what your perfect day/week looks like, then the team members step in and fill in around it. And because practice makes perfect, Kiera walks you through how to build these samples, what colors to use, and what phrases to start word ninja-ing. Keep an asterisk on this episode so you can use it as a role-play demo.

This tactic will calm the chaos of the back office to front office scheduling transition. Is it foolproof? No, but it’s the best recipe for having a perfect schedule. Remember: Everyone in the office needs to be on board for this approach to work best. Need a...

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156: Case Study: Fundamental Leadership 101

Feb 12, 2020

156: Case Study: Fundamental Leadership 101

It’s leadership pow-wow time! Kiera is talking with Dr. Bill Keith and Ashley Keith, her case study out of Kansas City, about how to be a forward-thinking office that excels in leadership. Topics include why having a third-party expert come in is helpful; how to see a need and delegate effectively; and what it means to let go of control (in a good way!).

The Keiths’ takeaways include:

  • Being open-minded

  • Finding comfort in being the dumbest person in the room

  • Focusing on the next step, not the entire staircase

  • Leveling with your team, good or bad

Learn more about the Keiths at missiondentist.com and discover more tips on the dental trade at TheDentalATeam.com!



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155: “There’s Something Special About Being Good at Something…” (with Dr. Mark Costes)

Feb 11, 2020

155: “There’s Something Special About Being Good at Something…” (with Dr. Mark Costes)

Kiera and Dr. Mark Costes catch up to discuss 2019 takeaways, and what changed since the January 1, 2019 versions of themselves. Kiera shares how she found her fulfillment piece — and why it’s more than just seeking security and working hard. Mark, on the other hand, saw 2019 as his best and most challenging year so far, and talks about his realization of missing dentistry.

This is a quick, feel-good episode that’ll warm your soul. Make sure you stick around for Kiera’s new-year challenge, too!

Check out additional episodes with Mark at www.TheDentalATeam.com!


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154: Increase Case Acceptance from 50% to 100% in one Afternoon: NDTR Handoffs

Feb 06, 2020

154: Increase Case Acceptance from 50% to 100% in one Afternoon: NDTR Handoffs

Kiera’s dental tips today revolve around perfecting the hand-off. What does it take to make the best cookies ever? The right ingredients and stellar instructions. The same can be said for having the best VIP patient experience! Make sure your team is taking the right steps! Kiera breaks down what that looks like for the front and back offices.

Front office: Have a form or template for how to collect patient information. 

Hygienists/assistants: Fine-tune the CRP hand-off.

Doctors: Use NDTR for maximum efficiency!

THEN Kiera takes it up a notch, sharing an extra tip for all the true A-Teamers out there: edify! Keep an ear out for the snowball activity she did to teach this idea. By having the best hand-off, you’re transferring the trust of your patient throughout your entire office, yielding both VIP patient AND employee care.

Looking for more tips to establish your office as an A-Team?...

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