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044: Appreciation- The Lost Art

Jun 04, 2019

Kiera Dent hosts an awesome episode with Trish Primeau, an office manager that has created a “love to work” environment. Trish and Kiera discuss how genuine appreciation for others hard work will craft a bond between the office staff that is so important in maintaining morale. In this raw episode, Trish admits that even when morale is high, important duties can still slip through the cracks. She explains how it is always a challenge to put the important over the urgent, but when she does, she notices that her staff will focus more on the important as well. Systematization is hard, but important! Put a plan in play. Appreciation is vital to any successful office. 

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043: Consistency Gets Results- What Results are You Getting Consistently?

May 30, 2019

People need time to get their work accomplished, but sometimes it is so hard to focus on the important when the urgent is looming! Kiera reminds us that you don’t have to do a lot to get results, but you have to be consistent with your time.  Give your team an hour to two hours once a week to do what needs to be done. By making a list of what is urgent vs. important at your weekly meetings, your team can utilize their one hour to accomplish the important tasks that need to be done. Remember: CONSISTENCY GETS RESULTS! You might not see the effects immediately; however, just like workouts, when done consistently over time, the results are powerful.

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042 : Steps to Getting 85% Fluoride Acceptance

May 29, 2019

Fluoride is the KEY and KING to prevent decay-- and a great way to increase hygiene profitability. Solid wins for everyone! So why not implement its power with your patients? Many patients would gladly partake in fluoride, but don’t understand its benefits. As healthcare providers, our job is to inform the patients of items that can be of benefit to them.

In this episode, Kiera reminds you to:

  • Talk about the benefits of fluoride with patients
  • Educate them
  • Keep fluoride on your tray
  • Tell the patient it is a cheap 35 dollars to prevent cavities

DON’T BE SCARED, but BE PROACTIVE in your approach. Your patients will appreciate your honest and thorough care!

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041: The Blaze of Smoke

May 28, 2019

Ever have days when defeat is more a part of your life than success? Kiera discusses a time in her life when she felt the same way. There are days when you will feel like you don’t have potential, when you feel like a failure, and when the brick wall is just too high to climb. In this episode, Kiera reminds you that you are your own worst critic, but you are worth investing in-SO INVEST IN YOURSELF! The times when you feel you have been burnt to a crisp are the exact places where new growth and new identities can be formed.

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040: MONDAY MORNING MASH-UP The 5 Minute New Patient Phone Call

May 23, 2019

New patient calls don’t have to be a hassle. Kiera welcomes back favorite guest, Donna Dinette, one of the Kiera's Dental Consulting Travel Consultants who is a wizard at getting new patients into your schedule within 5 minutes. Donna has figured this out and has great success and results in this proven method. New patients calls can be extremely short, yet still productive.

In this episode, Donna and Kiera emphasize an actual protocol, with a live role-play style example, so you and your team are prepped for success!

Are you ready to stop having lengthy new patient calls that do not schedule? This is the podcast for you!

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May 22, 2019

Kiera welcomes Paige Benjamin back to discuss perio patients and appointments. Paige emphasizes the need for probing every appointment as well as updating the perio chart. By measuring pocket depths and bleeding on probing for every appointment, you can not only get a better idea of the patient’s oral hygiene, but also come to a better diagnosis. But what about the difficult diagnosis? It isn’t always easy to tell someone they have periodontitis. By following these steps given by Paige and Kiera, that tough conversation can be easier.

  • Calibrate diagnoses with dentist before appointment
  • Give oral hygiene instruction by TELLING THEM, SHOWING THEM, and LETTING THEM SHOW YOU
  • Realize that the tough conversation is not now, but later when there is no hope for your patient’s teeth.
  • By not informing them, you are neglecting proper patient care

Not all of your patients will want to accept treatment right away so give them time, but continue to always be HONEST, CONFIDENT,...

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038: Managing Multiple Practices

May 21, 2019

Managing multiple practices doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Kiera lays out simple tips to follow in order to map your way to building several successful practices. First, everything starts with communication! Everyone needs to be consistently meeting in order to align the same goal for each individual practice.

Meetings should consist of:

  • KPI reports for each practice
  • Regional managers that report to the dentist/owner once a week and check in with office managers and leads from each office
  • Office managers that report to regional managers
  • Department leads that meet with leads at other offices and report to regional managers

The leadership team must always be in place and in CONSTANT COMMUNICATION. If you are DEDICATED, DISCIPLINED, AND WELL-STRUCTURED, you can maximize your team to their full potential. This is an episode for all those OMs and Doctors who are looking for how to grow and expand and stay sane doing it!

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May 16, 2019

In this short, but juicy episode, Kiera gives practical advice about finances, treatment planning, and scheduling. She poses the question, “If dentistry was free, what would you recommend for treatment?” That is the ultimate goal: PROVIDING THE BEST CARE FOR PATIENTS! Therefore, Kiera encourages people to not back down from a treatment plan that will be the most beneficial to the patient, even if you think they will reject it. She also provides tactical tips that make a difference in patient case acceptance such as:

  • Utilize the back office team to help with scheduling- emphasis on treatment and not on finances
  • Hygienists should reschedule their recall appointments concentrating on each patient’s needs
  • Focus on the treatment plan first, not on the money
  • Offer full fee first and then a 50/50 payment option
  • Save patient’s credit card on file
  • Connect patient with lending agency

If your treatment plan is genuine, your approach will be too! Rejection is the...

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036: KPIs are Easier to IMPLEMENT than you Think!

May 15, 2019

Kiera is back with Dr. Summer Kassamel to discuss the implementation of KPIs. Dr. Summer encourages practice owners to not be afraid to change KPIs after 3 months in order to really focus on KPIs that will make a difference in the practice. KPIs will only work if your team understands the important role KPIs play in the big picture. So what makes the best KPIs?

  • A standard based on a number with a yes/no outcome
  • Start with 1-2 KPIs for each department-- simplicity is key in this
  • Track KPIs weekly and adjust when needed

By encouraging your team to help come up with solutions to meet their goals, KPIs will change your practice! KPIs are the lifeblood of a practice and here is the podcast to help you implement today!

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035: Hygienists- Change Your Mindset, Change Your Production

May 14, 2019

Kiera and Paige dig deep into successful ways to make your practice successful by increasing hygiene productivity. So to all the dental hygienists out this, this one is for you! Hygiene is such an important part of overall oral health and plays a huge role in every dental practice. Kiera and Page provide the following helpful tips to stay on top of your skill set without feeling overwhelmed:

  • Set yourself up for success at the beginning of the day by prepping the chart and operators
  • Time yourself and set a baseline average for a week and then set a new goal time
  • Make a list of items that you keep forgetting to place at your station so you
    remember to grab them next appointment and save time.

It’s all about training your mindset to a “I can’t” to a “What if?”

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