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248: Tips That Will Change How and Who You Hire

Aug 13, 2020

The Dental A-Team recently hired four different people in a week and a half. Yeah, we hear your hiring woes … but in this episode we have tips that will change for the better the way you hire for your practice, as well as the quality of people you hire.

Kiera shares gold on…

  • Best times to post ads for job descriptions
  • Using different titles for positions
  • Key times to interview
  • The magic of sending scenarios
  • And more!

Hiring can be a headache, but we’ve mastered the art of it! Make sure you listen and take notes to perfect your own strategy. More gold can be found at www.TheDentalATeam.com.



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247: Workshop Wednesday: Building Blocks

Aug 12, 2020

It’s time to get down and dirty … with scheduling. This workshop episode will teach you step by step how to be proactive with your scheduling, not reactive. That means incorporating block schedules, word ninja-ing, and being intentional with how your doctor’s day is laid out.

But hey, no spoilers here. Press play now to work alongside the Dental A-Team!


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246: Investment During the Pandemic

Aug 11, 2020

Paul Moore, investment guru, is back to talk about where you can put your money during the COVID-19 pandemic, specifically self-storage investment.

COVID has brought up a lot of sensitive issues for people, but money still needs to be made. Paul talks about the four Ds driving self-storage investment; how much energy goes into managing; and (most importantly) how to get started with it all. This episode is a great Q&A between Kiera and Paul, and will have you taking tons of notes. 

(Be sure to check out www.therealestatecrowdfundingreview.com, as mentioned by Paul to help start your journey!)

And check out past episodes with Paul:

More about Paul: 

After graduating with an engineering degree and then an MBA from Ohio State, Paul was Finalist for Ernst & Young’s Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year two years...

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245: Hot Topic- Schedules Falling Apart

Aug 06, 2020

Kiera and Tiffanie team up to talk about what they’ve been hearing about most from the offices they’re working in, including schedules falling apart, case acceptance going down, and troubling communication.

Their solution? Perfecting the hand-off. Watch out for the bad habits you’ve instilled because of COVID and re-route your practice. And if you’re not a doctor, so what? You can still take control. The DAT will talk you through how in this episode.


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244: Workshop Wednesday: The Hardest Part

Aug 05, 2020

It’s time for Workshop Wednesday! This episode continues the conversation about operations manuals, and this time specifically we’re talking visions, missions, and core values.

These parts of your ops manuals are the most difficult part, but the DAT is here to help you either start from scratch or make what you have even better. Listen up to dive even further into the art of operations manual. We promise you’ll leave with new information. Check out past Workshop Wednesday episodes at www.TheDentalATeam.com!  Snag YOUR operations manual HERE!



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243: Vomit, Stress, Then Pivot

Aug 04, 2020

Gross title, but hear us out. The DAT’s podcast episode theme today is all about being relentless in spite of the complicating times we’re in — and we haven’t been immune to struggles. Kiera talks through what she’s been dealing with as a business owner and a leader, and how she’s dealing with it à la Captain Jack Sparrow. 

There are two questions to ask yourself after listening to this episode: What are your inner motivations and where do you stand today? Listen up to make sense of it all.

P.S. Send us your yummy blueberry pancake recipes; we promise we won’t puke :)



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242: EFTs: The Wave of the Future

Jul 30, 2020

Sarah O'Brien, our billing guru specialist, is back to talk about electronic fund transfers (EFTs), forms of payment from insurance companies where money is deposited into a bank account. Sarah and Kiera talk about the easiest ways for doctors to track EFTs and the pros and cons for EFTs, as well as some trade secrets on posting claims.

Don’t let billing be intimidating! The Dental A-Team and Evolution Dental Billing are here to make your life easier and more efficient. Email hello@TheDentalATeam.com to get billing training for your office! 



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241: Workshop Wednesday: How to do the How-tos

Jul 29, 2020

It’s operations manual perfect, part two! To fully enjoy this episode, make sure you listen to part one (linked here) of our Workshop Wednesday series.

Part one covered job descriptions and flow protocols for six different positions in your practice. Part two, this episode, teaches you how to create the perfect protocol for those positions, now and into the future. Tiffanie Trader walks you through why creating the perfect protocol is like baking the perfect [insert your favorite cookie here] cookies.

The Dental A-Team’s instructions for your ops manual accounts for multiple types of learners, so no one’s left behind.

Make sure you stay tuned for future Workshop Wednesdays so your office can have the best operations manual EVER! Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to grab a manual outline if you don’t have one. 


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240: Peeling Back the Curtain

Jul 28, 2020

There’s two sides of leadership: talking the talk and walking the walk. When it comes to your leadership style, are you the same person behind the scenes and in person? To satisfy both sides of the leadership coin, you implement what you say and you admit when you’re wrong. The wins and failures of the company are on your shoulder.

Kiera shares her own personal fears of being a leadership, and offers ways we can all be better, aka identifying where we are now (not sugarcoating it) and then creating a vision of how to get to where we want to be.

Where are you on your own path to leadership? We want to hear about it! Email hello@thedentalateam.com to inspire us with your journeys. 



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239: The Billing Training You Absolutely Need

Jul 23, 2020

Sarah with Evolution Dental Billing is BACK to teach you about billing — right from your very own computer. Kiera and Sarah talk about her training program where she actually remote logs into your office and teaches you about billing with your own patients and systems.

By working with Evolution Dental Billing, you no longer have to be reliant on the one team member who knows your billing processes (and if he or she leaves, you’re in a bind), OR you can just figure out how billing works in your practice.

Sarah’s favorite parts to teach: benefits and weekly patient collections. Email hello@thedentalateam.com today to get in touch with Sarah! 


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