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190: Here’s What the Best Practices Do

Apr 16, 2020

Ahhh, nothing like a podcast topic that will fuel your inspiration to be the best practice you can be! Today Kiera shares tips on common themes she’s seeing in the best practices she visits. Here’s the recipe for success:

  • Doctor is decisive

  • Office manager is consistent and holds people accountable

  • Decisions are made quickly

  • Meetings are held regularly

  • There’s vulnerability

  • Numbers are watched

  • The team is engaged in the office plan

  • Don’t be everyone’s friend

  • There’s killer delegation

  • Systemization galore!

  • Simplicity is key

Implementing these trends are what truly sets the good dental offices apart from the GREAT dental offices. Need guidance on how to get there? Email hello@thedentalateam.com and let us help you.  



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189: Now’s the Time: Same-Day Treatment

Apr 15, 2020

You guys! Kiera’s talking same-day treatment in this episode, how to give patients amazing dental care AND bump up your production rate. This is the time to get this system dialed in so you and your practice can give better VIP patient are. Kiera boils this down for multiple positions:

  • Back office: Prep during your morning huddle + color change appointments

  • Doctors: Get into exams earlier

  • Assistants: Look for who you can convert, and know what to say to make it happen

  • Front office: Be up-to-date on finances and help back office team convert on their own

This is a system you can create TODAY and send off to your team. And if you’re looking for more ideas on how to flawlessly make this happen, ask The Dental A-Team at hello@thedentalateam.com! Seriously, we know what we’re doing and we’re here to help you do it. 


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188: Treat Your Dental Office Like Disneyland

Apr 14, 2020

That’s right, in today’s episode, Kiera talks about how to turn your dental office into a magical wonderland for your patients. That idea centers around having an on-stage and off-stage persona! Remember, your patients are your paycheck; regardless of whether you like them or not, you need to accommodate them to the best of your ability. Kiera offers three tips on how you can keep patients feeling warm and fuzzy while they’re with you:

  1. Establish a positive experience from the moment they walk in

  2. Respond to patients’ questions on their agenda, not yours

  3. Know what the internet is saying about your practice

Implementing these ideas will yield a happier patient base, and people will enjoy coming back each time. Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com for more ideas on how to make your practice the best it can be. 


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187: The Success Tax

Apr 13, 2020

In this episode, Kiera shares a thought that can help us right now: The more we grow as a practice, the more we grow in leadership, the more we evolve as people, there is a success tax. What that means is life is not always rainbow and butterflies. As you become more established and successful, there are more hours and less sleep and more frustration.

But that is OKAY. The hard days aren’t failures, they’re just the success tax that comes with being successful. Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to find ways to thrive through the success tax. 


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186: Successful Virtual Meetings

Apr 09, 2020

Here’s a super quick podcast episode to set you on a better path for having effective virtual meetings. Kiera spills the tea on how The Dental A-Team (a virtually run company) keeps on track:

  • Utilize Google Drive (or another cloud-based system) for organization

  • Create an agenda for each meeting and send it out

  • Video conference calls > phone calls

  • Establish a set time for meeting each day or week

  • Set a time limit to keep people on track

  • Traction-style meetings are the way to go

  • Assign action items to follow up on at the next meeting

Make sure you listen in to hear exactly how Kiera and her team have perfected virtual meetings! More tips for living that good dental life at www.TheDentalATeam.com


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185: What is Your Identity Attached To?

Apr 08, 2020

Kiera is joined by Tiffanie Trader in this episode, and the two talk about reestablishing your identity in your current downtime. Remember, you’re more than your job — you’re more than an office manager or hygienist or dental assistant or practice owner. Here are some ideas to help you realize that:

  1. Spend time with yourself to know who you are.

  2. Ask yourself why you love your job.

  3. Meditate — use this time of quiet to sit with yourself.

Establishing helpful routines like these will make you both a better business person and a better person, period. 


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184: Filtering the Wave of Bombardment

Apr 07, 2020

Are you getting slammed on all sides with information and emails and webinars and tips for being your best quarantined self? Yeah, us too. In this episode, Kiera shares tips for sorting through the wave of unnecessary information. Her biggest tip: If it didn’t matter before the COVID-19 pandemic, it shouldn’t now. Other suggestions:

  1. Spend less time on social media.

  2. Limit your news intake.

  3. List 1-3 goals you want to complete this week.

  4. Know what you want to get done.

Something to constantly ask yourself as you go throughout your day: Does what I’m doing right now bring me closer to where I want to go? Have that self-discipline to pull you through this all. The Dental A-Team is here to help. Need a coach to help guide you? Email us hello@theDentalATeam.com.



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183: Two Sides of the Coin

Apr 06, 2020

A quick feel-good episode for your Monday morning. Kiera talks about how people are probably flip-flopping quite a bit these days between being super productive and sinking into depressive thoughts. Kiera’s certainly feeling that. So she gives a couple tips to hang in there:

  1. Instead of judging others, ask how you can help

  2. Give grace to those around you

  3. Love yourself

These are scary and uncertain times, so it’s completely normal to feel scared and uncertain, but you’ve got a friend in Kiera, and a friend in lots of other people. Remember, the Dental A-Team is always here for you.


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182: Let’s Talk Money Buckets

Apr 02, 2020

Kiera offers quick tips for shifting your money mindset in this episode, sharing the idea of money buckets in your life. Some of the best practices she shares in this episode include:

  • Writing down your actual expenses

  • Writing down your income

  • Subtracting fixed costs and allocating out the rest of the money

  • Putting money in savings

These tips can be used for your personal AND professional life. Look for more tips over at www.TheDentalATeam.com!  


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181: Billing: How to Tackle AR Successfully!

Apr 01, 2020

This quickie episode has billing guru Tiffanie Trader discussing with Kiera insurance and patient AR, plus tips to not get your insurance AR quite as high. This is a great topic to tackle right now because you NEED THE CASH FLOW!

  • Insurance AR: Sit on the phone with your insurance companies and simultaneously hop on your computer to wrap up claims. Hunker down and get it done.

  • Patient AR: Tread lightly. Tiffanie shares an example case for how things might go wrong. Kiera mentions some awesome software to keep you organized.

  • Proactive tips to help insurance AR to not get so high:

    • Keep a schedule

    • Take notes

    • Submit all the information the first time

  • Retroactive tips to keep insurance AR down:

    • Power hour

    • Make a schedule

We hope you’re all sitting tight during these crazy times! More fodder for inspiration is over at www.TheDentalATeam.com.  



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