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267: Get More Money into Your Practice

Sep 24, 2020

Did you know that Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer, is an A-team member? Yup, Kleer is a dentistry membership program, and in this episode, Dave joins Kiera to talk about why membership plans are the way to go. There’s even data to back it up.

Membership plans are more important than ever, especially in light of COVID. Did you know about half your patients don’t have dental insurance? And that membership plans actually result in more money into your practice? Kleer can help you capitalize on that. Tune in to listen to Kiera’s and Dave’s conversation!

Dave Monahan has a passion for creating technology-enabled businesses that improve people’s lives. He founded Kleer and championed its mission from the beginning. He designed the Kleer platform based on dentist and patient feedback, curated a passionate and hardworking team, publicly advocates for dentists and patient rights, and continuously pushes the company to innovate and be better.

Prior to joining Kleer,...

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258: The Comeback Challenge

Sep 07, 2020

It’s a tough time for dental offices (and a whole lot of other businesses) right now, but the difference between others and you is that you have the Dental A-Team in your court! To help rebuild what COVID has destroyed, we’re starting the Comeback Challenge 2020 on September 14! 

This free challenge will run for five days and help re-inspire you and your team to come back better than ever! The DAT will be talking scheduling, shifting mindsets, billing, and more … It’s all at www.TheDentalATeam.com/Comeback. Go sign up right now!

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224: ~ Patient Flow ~ Perfecting Contact

Jun 18, 2020

June has a theme! That’s right, this month the Dental A-Team is ALL ABOUT patient flow; perfecting that contact with your patient every step of the way. In this episode, Kiera talks about the first two steps of working directly with patients: initial contact and first arrival. Her tips for each include the following: 

  1. The first phone call: Edify and have energy! Practice it, test it, perfect it.

  2. On-site arrival: Does your office have a welcoming atmosphere?

Plus, listen up for the one question that’ll smooth over all the rough edges for each of these first two steps. 

Keep an eye out for more patient flow tips this month! More at www.TheDentalATeam.com.   


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189: Now’s the Time: Same-Day Treatment

Apr 15, 2020

You guys! Kiera’s talking same-day treatment in this episode, how to give patients amazing dental care AND bump up your production rate. This is the time to get this system dialed in so you and your practice can give better VIP patient are. Kiera boils this down for multiple positions:

  • Back office: Prep during your morning huddle + color change appointments

  • Doctors: Get into exams earlier

  • Assistants: Look for who you can convert, and know what to say to make it happen

  • Front office: Be up-to-date on finances and help back office team convert on their own

This is a system you can create TODAY and send off to your team. And if you’re looking for more ideas on how to flawlessly make this happen, ask The Dental A-Team at hello@thedentalateam.com! Seriously, we know what we’re doing and we’re here to help you do it. 


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155: “There’s Something Special About Being Good at Something…” (with Dr. Mark Costes)

Feb 11, 2020

155: “There’s Something Special About Being Good at Something…” (with Dr. Mark Costes)

Kiera and Dr. Mark Costes catch up to discuss 2019 takeaways, and what changed since the January 1, 2019 versions of themselves. Kiera shares how she found her fulfillment piece — and why it’s more than just seeking security and working hard. Mark, on the other hand, saw 2019 as his best and most challenging year so far, and talks about his realization of missing dentistry.

This is a quick, feel-good episode that’ll warm your soul. Make sure you stick around for Kiera’s new-year challenge, too!

Check out additional episodes with Mark at www.TheDentalATeam.com!


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154: Increase Case Acceptance from 50% to 100% in one Afternoon: NDTR Handoffs

Feb 06, 2020

154: Increase Case Acceptance from 50% to 100% in one Afternoon: NDTR Handoffs

Kiera’s dental tips today revolve around perfecting the hand-off. What does it take to make the best cookies ever? The right ingredients and stellar instructions. The same can be said for having the best VIP patient experience! Make sure your team is taking the right steps! Kiera breaks down what that looks like for the front and back offices.

Front office: Have a form or template for how to collect patient information. 

Hygienists/assistants: Fine-tune the CRP hand-off.

Doctors: Use NDTR for maximum efficiency!

THEN Kiera takes it up a notch, sharing an extra tip for all the true A-Teamers out there: edify! Keep an ear out for the snowball activity she did to teach this idea. By having the best hand-off, you’re transferring the trust of your patient throughout your entire office, yielding both VIP patient AND employee care.

Looking for more tips to establish your office as an A-Team?...

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153: It’s Not Work That’s Stressful, It’s Your Boundaries

Feb 05, 2020

153: It’s Not Work That’s Stressful, It’s Your Boundaries

Stress!!! It’s the worst, right? In this podcast episode, Kiera talks with the Dental A Team’s traveling coach, Tiffanie Trader, about managing stress. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in work life, especially when your workload spills over into personal time. Sure, you’re trying to set boundaries of when and when not to commit to answering emails and putting out fires, but your boss keeps sending you emails at 9 p.m. and you can’t NOT answer, right?!

WRONG. Tiffanie and Kiera walk you through this false mindset we as humans have created. If you don’t manage your life, someone else will do it for you. Tiffanie offers three tips:

  1. Recognize your personal responsibility. What can you do to release your stress?

  2. Identify 3 things (and 3 things only!) per day you intend to complete; everything else is gravy

  3. Set correct expectations with people (as well as yourself)



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152: Side Hustle: This Will Dramatically Increase Your Income

Feb 04, 2020

Episode 152: Side Hustle: This Will Dramatically Increase Your Income

Kiera connects with Paul Moore in this episode, a real estate expert with an impressive background, to talk about the realities of real estate for dentists and team members alike. They discuss residential and commercial real estate, storage units, and even flipping houses — all from the perspective of what’s doable as a dental professional. They even discuss what to keep an eye out for as the next recession approaches.

The takeaways Paul provides and explains:

  1. Understand the difference between speculating and investing

  2. Follow the smartest investor in the world, Warren Buffett, and use partnerships

  3. Get all the tax savings you can

More about Paul: 

After graduating with an engineering degree and then an MBA from Ohio State, Paul was Finalist for Ernst & Young’s Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year two years straight (1996 & 1997). Paul began investing in real estate in 2000...

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151: Insurance Verification: DO IT THE EASY WAY!

Jan 30, 2020

Time for more helpful nuggets from Kiera! This time, she’s talking insurance verification. Hold your moans and groans, folks. These quick tips will change your life with better case acceptance, improved VIP patient experience, and less stress in your practice. (If you haven’t already, check out episode 80, The Bread and Butter of Dental Practices..)

In this episode, Kiera offers sage advice about…

Changing the appointment view in your software to be based off each patient’s insurance company

Clustering patients with the same insurance company together (example: everyone with Delta Dental is highlighted blue) and then call based on those clusters

At the beginning of the year, making full breakdowns (perhaps with an insurance breakdown form), and once you’ve verified for each group number, utilizing asterisks to show what’s been done

These are just a few of the tips Kiera shares. Listen to this quick episode for the rest of her advice on making...

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150: A Weak Link with an Easy Fix

Jan 29, 2020

In this follow-up episode to #147, Kiera’s journey to find a physical therapist continues. After calling three more offices after the first failure, she’s realized that even though your business/practice might be the best one ever, people will never know if your gatekeeper — AKA the person answering your phone — isn’t reflective of that.

To those answer phones, are you representing your office? Do you know what questions people have? Do you know what your office does?

Listen in for practical tips to having the best gatekeeper for your practice!


  • Make sure the personality of main phone answerer is true representation of the practice that you have or want to have.
  • Make sure they know what your practice actually offers; have information on hand.
  • Make sure they listen to understand, not listen to respond.
  • Have incredible follow-through/integrity

For more tips for schedulers, call the Dental A Team and ask them 775-303-5833!


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