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235: How to Lower Your Overhead

Jul 15, 2020

Kiera’s dealing out tips to keep things tight at your office! In this episode, she explains what overhead is, the breakdown of different costs, and three ways you can start lowering your overhead TODAY:

  1. Payroll. Employees, make sure you’re a necessity.

  2. Credit card processing fees (we’re talking saving $17,000 a year!)

  3. Supplies. Live lean and mean.

The Dental A-Team can help you get going on these steps, too! Need ideas for how to reduce credit card fees? What about a supply-tracking sheet? The DAT is here to save the day. Give us a holler today: hello@thedentalateam.com.


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234: Creating Smiles — LITERALLY

Jul 14, 2020

Today’s episode is all about taking a load off and having fun! Kiera is joined by Ashley Dorn, a member of the Dental A-Team, and the two ladies talk about how to have fun at work. Kiera and Ashley share their past experiences of pranks and giggles, including heelies and fake snakes.

Being a good employee is more than just checking the boxes of working hard and knowing your field; it’s also about being fun and having a good time. Some ideas of what your office can do to boost morale:

  • Bravo jar

  • Themed days

  • Team outings

Be willing to zag where the rest of the world zigs — it’ll make your job all the more fun! 

Listen for more ways to have a good time in your office at www.TheDentalATeam.com.   

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233: Motivation Dies Out, Inspiration Does Not

Jul 09, 2020

It’s time to fuel your office with a culture of personal development! In this episode, Kiera talks about ways you can inspire rather than motivate your team — motivation dies out, inspiration doesn’t. 

Exposure is the way to go! Use podcasts and books to light a fire in the minds of your team members. By immersing ourselves in words of inspiration, we become more inclined to work harder and be better.

Is your team feeling burnt out? Contact the Dental A Team to boost that morale with our DAT GOLD BOOST! Find out more hello@theDentalATeam.com 

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232: Stop Tolerating Inefficiencies

Jul 08, 2020

An office manager listener recently shared with the Dental A-Team a frustrating situation at work. From that, Kiera created this episode, encouraging people to have the hard conversations they’ve been avoiding. Stop tolerating inefficiencies! Kiera shares two personal examples on how she had her own hard conversations recently.

Do you feel frustrated at work, feel that your job is being walked on, feel that you’re being replaced by actions? It’s time to TALK ABOUT IT. Kiera’s formula:

  1. Say the thing that’s holding you back

  2. Clear the expectations

Then email the DAT if you want to talk about it more: hello@thedentalateam.com.


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231: Is Your Hygiene All-Star Status?

Jul 07, 2020

There’s a new Dental A-Team program on the block, and this one’s all about perfecting your hygiene department! Kiera and new DAT consultant Clare discuss the roll-out of this program, DAT All-Star Hygiene! The three goals of All-Star Hygiene are to have the hygienists in your office...

  1. Produce three times their salary

  2. Tee up treatment to feed the doctor’s schedule

  3. Take payments in the back

All-Star Hygiene is a tailored program that’ll find out your office’s wants and needs, and delivery them. Over six months, DAT will provide solutions for a combination of hygienist, patient, and doctor needs.

Interested in being one of the first offices to participate in this program? Email hello@thedentalateam.com TODAY! 



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230: Marketing: What’s Your Story?

Jul 02, 2020

Once upon a time … the Dental A-Team sat down with Josh and Joanna Scott of Studio Eighty-Eight to talk about marketing opportunities for your office. The Scotts’ word of advice: The best practices have a story.

Josh shares the three steps to marketing success; Joanna talks about extracting stories from businesses, and Kiera discusses her own experience with figuring out her story alongside Studio Eighty-Eight. Wary about finding your story? The Scotts say everyone has a why, regardless of whether they realize it or not. Your why is KEY to successful marketing.

Discover more about Studio Eighty-Eight at www.s8e8.com and their new Guide to Story-Driven Marketing. The Dental A-Team has more podcasts about marketing, so head to www.TheDentalATeam.com, too!  


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229: COVID or Not, Maximizing Teledentistry

Jul 01, 2020

2020 is the dawn of a new time, illustrating the mega-importance of teledentistry. In this episode, Kiera is joined by Dr. Vilas Sastry, head of Aces Dentistry in Las Vegas and the creator of teledentistry.com. Dr. Sastry implemented TeleDentistry four years ago and started using it in practices long before COVID-19 came along. Incorporating this idea into your practice allows you to generate revenue and engage with your patients when in-person appointments aren’t taking place.

On the other end, now that many practices are back in business with open doors, teledentistry can still be utilized for such times as triage for patient needs, initial patient interaction, and opening up your schedule for high-production time slots. Dr. Sastry has seen through the use of teledentistry that 70% of people came into the practice in person within 90 days — so your goal of getting people through your doors still applies!

Tune in to this extremely enlightening and timely topic, learn...

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228: How to Deal: Resigning and Firing

Jun 30, 2020

Have no fear, Kiera’s here! … to walk you through some hard conversations. Today’s topic comes from a listener, who asked for advice on how to best deal with staff members who want to resign OR firing someone who just isn’t cutting it. Kiera offers key tips on what to say, what not to say, and things you need to check on before you do the deed, including find out why, holding one-one-ones, and how legal laws might come into effect.

Check out the Dental A-Team’s library of forms that can help you with this at www.TheDentalATeam.com.  


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227: Do THIS to Get 5-Star Reviews

Jun 25, 2020

There aren’t a ton of things better than 5-star reviews from happy patients. In this episode, Kiera shares tips on exactly how you can reach such wonderful heights with your patients, making them want to leave good reviews.

  1. Autopsy your practice before you start asking. Is it worthy of five stars?

  2. Encourage your team to leave five Google reviews during one week. Know how it feels to leave reviews before you ask it of others.

  3. Sign up for a review company or ask your patients directly to leave a review.

Kiera also talks about the best way to respond to negative reviews — yes, completely necessary.

Have you own ideas for getting the best reviews possible? Email hello@thedentalateam.com!   

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226: Hygienists, Be a Necessity Through CE

Jun 24, 2020

Michelle Strange and Andrew Johnston from the podcast A Tale of Two Hygienists are part of the A-Team in this episode, talking about the importance of continuing education for hygienists!

The pair, along with Kiera, talk about how you can stay continually involved in the education process no matter what stage of hygiene you are at in your dental practice. The same topic course over and over might not seem appealing, but remember, things are                 changing and progressing all the time, and different people give you different perspectives.

Continuing education will both benefit your patient base AND help you be the best version of your professional self. The last hands-on training you’ve had should be what you learned in school. Michelle, Andrew, and Kiera also talk about a hygienist’s relationship with his or her doctor, owning the benefits of continuing education, and understanding the best way you can learn new...

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