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267: Get More Money into Your Practice

Sep 24, 2020

Did you know that Dave Monahan, CEO of Kleer, is an A-team member? Yup, Kleer is a dentistry membership program, and in this episode, Dave joins Kiera to talk about why membership plans are the way to go. There’s even data to back it up.

Membership plans are more important than ever, especially in light of COVID. Did you know about half your patients don’t have dental insurance? And that membership plans actually result in more money into your practice? Kleer can help you capitalize on that. Tune in to listen to Kiera’s and Dave’s conversation!

Dave Monahan has a passion for creating technology-enabled businesses that improve people’s lives. He founded Kleer and championed its mission from the beginning. He designed the Kleer platform based on dentist and patient feedback, curated a passionate and hardworking team, publicly advocates for dentists and patient rights, and continuously pushes the company to innovate and be better.

Prior to joining Kleer,...

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266: Not Tips, But Systems

Sep 23, 2020

Kiera is joined by Dr. Jasmine Elmore out of Wilson, North Carolina to talk a whole bunch of things: How to make your practice an A-team practice, active versus passive econsultancy, solving health problems at any age, and … tongues. This episode is stock full of information to make your practice the best it can be, and Dr. Elmore shares her own experience with the Dental A-Team, as well as how she continues to progress her team.

If you want to have your own practice’s fantastic improvement journey, visit www.TheDentalATeam.com and contact us to come visit!

Dr. Jasmine Elmore’s journey began back in 2015. After completing a certification in Pediatric Dental Medicine at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in inner city Philadelphia, she moved to rural North Carolina to help a local dentist tackle a six-month waitlist for operative dentistry.  She worked six days a week and treated thousands of state-insured children monthly until the end of 2016 when...

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260: Do You Zig When Others Zag?

Sep 09, 2020

Kiera’s a guest on Art of Dental Finance and Management with Art Wiederman, sharing Dental A-Team tips to make your dental practice better than ever. Topics covered in Kiera and Art’s conversation include how to hire an A-team member; the best questions to ask during an interview; how to minimize cancellations; and so much more!

A great take-away from Kiera: In a world full of zigs, don’t be scared to zag.

Are you new to the A-team? Make sure you visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to access all the goods that come with being a member!  



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254: Breaking Dentistry Norms

Aug 27, 2020

Dr. Ashley Joves of Smile & Co. is here to join the Dental A-Team party! 

This episode is all about standing out as a dental practice and establishing REAL relationships with your patients, something Dr. Joves has dedicated her life to. She and Kiera talk about Smile & Co.’s approach to dentistry and how and why she stands out. Conversation topics include…

  • Social media

  • A culture of accountability and fun

  • Having a female-led practice

Owner of Smile & Co., Dr. Ashley is passionate about staying on the leading edge of dentistry and invests hundreds of hours into ongoing training each year. She is an active member of the American Dental Association, California Dental Association, Sacramento District Dental Society, American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, and Doctors for Oral Conscious Sedation.

Dr. Joves also has two podcasts: The Making of and Dental Friends With Benefits.  


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252: Dentistry Uncensored Crossover!

Aug 25, 2020

Kiera joins Howard Farran on his podcast, Dentistry Uncensored, to talk about the common topics heard today in the world of dentistry. The two discuss the growth of practices, work-life balance, the pros and cons of office managers, the best practice management system, and the turnover of millennials. Whew! A whole lot of tips to take away from this episode.

Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com for the best ways to have the best practice and team you possibly can. We’re beyond happy to help you out — either in person or virtually. Just reach out! 


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251: Overcoming Your Limiting Beliefs

Aug 20, 2020

Here’s to becoming scholars of dentistry — and in this episode, that means living life on your own terms and in a positive state. Kiera shares her limiting beliefs and what she’s done to overcome them. So what’s holding YOU back from being the person you want to be? — and what’s been lost by hanging on to these beliefs? The DAT is here to help you in multiple aspects of your life. Always remember that. Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to make that connection. 


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243: Vomit, Stress, Then Pivot

Aug 04, 2020

Gross title, but hear us out. The DAT’s podcast episode theme today is all about being relentless in spite of the complicating times we’re in — and we haven’t been immune to struggles. Kiera talks through what she’s been dealing with as a business owner and a leader, and how she’s dealing with it à la Captain Jack Sparrow. 

There are two questions to ask yourself after listening to this episode: What are your inner motivations and where do you stand today? Listen up to make sense of it all.

P.S. Send us your yummy blueberry pancake recipes; we promise we won’t puke :)



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241: Workshop Wednesday: How to do the How-tos

Jul 29, 2020

It’s operations manual perfect, part two! To fully enjoy this episode, make sure you listen to part one (linked here) of our Workshop Wednesday series.

Part one covered job descriptions and flow protocols for six different positions in your practice. Part two, this episode, teaches you how to create the perfect protocol for those positions, now and into the future. Tiffanie Trader walks you through why creating the perfect protocol is like baking the perfect [insert your favorite cookie here] cookies.

The Dental A-Team’s instructions for your ops manual accounts for multiple types of learners, so no one’s left behind.

Make sure you stay tuned for future Workshop Wednesdays so your office can have the best operations manual EVER! Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to grab a manual outline if you don’t have one. 


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240: Peeling Back the Curtain

Jul 28, 2020

There’s two sides of leadership: talking the talk and walking the walk. When it comes to your leadership style, are you the same person behind the scenes and in person? To satisfy both sides of the leadership coin, you implement what you say and you admit when you’re wrong. The wins and failures of the company are on your shoulder.

Kiera shares her own personal fears of being a leadership, and offers ways we can all be better, aka identifying where we are now (not sugarcoating it) and then creating a vision of how to get to where we want to be.

Where are you on your own path to leadership? We want to hear about it! Email hello@thedentalateam.com to inspire us with your journeys. 



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238: Workshop Wednesday: Operations Manual, Part 1

Jul 22, 2020

This is the episode you’re looking for — it’s all about building or bettering your practice’s office manual step by step! In this four-part series, Kiera and her fellow Dental A Team coaches will teach you and yours how to get that dream ops manual. Weekly topics include job descriptions and flow, scorecards, and practice mission.

The first part looks at building out the following for six positions (dental assistants, hygienists, treatment coordinators, schedulers, officer managers, and billers):

  1. Job description

  2. Flow/protocol

  3. Accountability agreement

  4. End-of-day checklist

  5. How-tos of job protocol

Make sure you check back each week for these uber helpful FREE Wednesday Workshops, a free opportunity for you to improve how your office ticks! Don’t have a manual? Visit www.TheDentalATeam.com to grab an outline!

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