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Live to Give


Welcome to Dental A Team’s LIVE to GIVE! 

The place where passion, fulfilment, and every warm fuzzy combines.

Dental A Team’s Live to Give was inspired when Kayelee Taylor, COO of The Dental A Team, and I went to our first ever Tony Robbins’ event.  I have been obsessed with Tony Robbins since 2017 and was beyond excited to go to his event because he has been my mentor and role model for years!  To say that that event was life-changing is an understatement. It CHANGED ME!

We went to Business Mastery in Las Vegas and it was 5 days of intensity.  I was exhausted, overwhelmed, and excited.  We were asked to build a business in 5 days that would:

  • Give back to others in the biggest way

  • Change people

  • Add the most value

All while listening to lectures from early in the morning until late at night.  We were lucky and were part of the group, “Live to Give”!  Our mission was to help Tony meet his goal of feeding 1 million people.  We partnered up with a start-up company that was at the event, Nunbelivable!  They were a company that was employing nuns by making cookies-- another one of Tony’s businesses that he was part of.

Our group’s mission was to deliver as much value as we could and help as many people as we could.  We got other people involved, we worked as a team, we innovated and kept asking HOW CAN WE SERVE MORE! We chanted LIVE TO GIVE! LIVE TO GIVE! LIVE TO GIVE!

In 5 days we were able to raise over $100K and fed 15,000 people! I have never felt so alive and fulfilled.  The moment when I realized that running a business meant I WANTED to DO more, BE more, LIVE more!

We created Dental A Team’s Live to Give to GIVE BACK!  The secret to living is giving!  We invite you to live a fulfilling life with us!

If you feel so inclined, join us: LIVE TO GIVE!

Have an idea on how DAT can give back to the community?

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