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Customized Annual Coaching GOLD Package


You are the office that knows you need a little jumpstart and you’ll be rolling into the sunset with smiles and giggles galore.

You are the office who SHINES BRIGHT as the brilliant office you are! You know you need added team private workshops and amped up accountability to RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL!  That’s why you are the GOLDEN CHILD! We really do believe that!

You've tried it "your way" and know that you need and want someone else to ROCKET LAUNCH your practice into the skies!  So… what are you waiting for?? The time for GOLD is NOW! 


1-on-1 Coaching Calls:

  • Customized Coaching with a Specialized Dental A Team Coach. These calls are customized for you & your team to take your practice to the next level. 

Dental A Team’s 12 Systems Comprehensive Success Cycle:

  • Monthly Systems with accountability and scorecards for:
    • Company Goals
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Billing Department
    • Operations Manual
    • Scheduling
    • Patient Flow
    • Treatment Planning
    • Hygiene department
    • Marketing
    • Effective Meetings
    • Office Management/ HR
    • Communication/ Morale
  • Online courses for:
    • Office Managers
    • Treatment Coordinators
    • Schedulers
    • Billers
    • Dental Assistants
    • Hygienists
  • 161 training video library

Customized Operations Manual:

  • Gain access to our 650 page Customized Operations Manual to get yours done! We have job descriptions, protocols, checklists, onboarding and how to's! This is a must have!

Private Community Access:

  • An online community created for offices just like YOURS! Bridge the communication gap and get your everyday questions answered daily from a group of like-minded people. 

12 Monthly Workshops:

  • Join online community workshops with your Specialized Dental A Team Coaches teaching you tips and tricks pertaining to the monthly topic from our 12 Systems, Comprehensive Success Cycle!

6 Private Team Workshops:

  • Customized private workshops for your entire team or leadership team, streamlining and maximizing office efficiencies custom-tailored to your office!

Quarterly Private Events:

  • Get exclusive access to virtual private events created JUST for our Gold and Platinum members.  These events dive deep on hot topics and share our best secret tips to take your practice to the next level.



You are the GOLDEN CHILD and we can’t wait for you to meet office just like you!  We will see you in the GOLD PACKAGE TODAY!

Did you purchase Training Courses à la Carte? We will upgrade you at a special discount! 


Terms & Conditions: This is an annual subscription. Cancellation fees apply. CLICK HERE TO VIEW AND DOWNLOAD ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.