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Kiera Dent

CEO of The Dental A-Team

I am the owner and founder of The Dental A-Team and I consult in over 50 dental offices NATIONWIDE. Together, our team tackles in-person dental office coaching. My mission is to help clients achieve maximum success & efficiency. I am also a partner in several dental offices, & have worked in just about every position within my own practices. This gives me the skill set & perspective to help you POSITIVELY CHANGE the structure & culture inside of your dental practice. 

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Tiffanie Trader

Traveling Consultant & Onboarding Specialist

I have been in the dental field since 2003, and have experience in almost every aspect of the general dental practice, ranging from Dental Assistant all the way to Office Manager. I have completed many continuing education courses over those years pertaining to all things business. I am passionate about what I do and currently have found myself excelling within in the Dental Consultant world! My drive is excellence and wanting to make the dental world better.

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Ashley Dorn

Traveling Consultant & Marketing Specialist

I have been working in the dental biz since the early age of 17 & I love it! I began my career as a dental assistant; & was quickly promoted to marketing director of a federally funded community health center. I then started my own marketing and consulting business working with established dentists & new grads to improve office efficiencies & daily routines. I love working with doctors & teams, making the office a fun place to come to work every day!

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Tarley Reed

Traveling Consultant 

I am known as an emotional intelligence coach & mentor, leading edge thinker and people enthusiast. I've spent over 10 years in the dental industry spreading the love by empowering and inspiring teams and implementing effective systems and structures.⁣ My speciality is working with $1 million dollar practices who wish to double their revenue through inspiring & empowering their teams, improving communication structures, & front office systems. 

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Kayelee Taylor

Chief Operations Officer

I have been in the dental field for over 5 years as a scheduler, PCC and Treatment Coordinator. After being in office, I wanted to do more in the dental community and have found my passion with the Dental A Team. As the COO, I oversee the companies and assist with client retention. 


Kiera Dent, Tiffanie Trader, and the entire Dental A-Team have proven time and time again that the accountability of having a consultant keeps you on track, and helps drive real results in your office!

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