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We offer consulting that is CUSTOM made for YOU! Forget the cookie-cutter consulting, our customized consulting takes you in real-time, with your REAL problems and creates tangible, actionable training that gets results.

The only thing we need from you is your preferred consulting style and see which areas your practice could use help with.

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Best Dental Consulting Company Serving Dentists Nationwide

If you’re looking for the best dental consulting firm or personal dental consultant for your practice, it may seem difficult to narrow down your prospects. However, we can assure you that you’ve come to the right place with The Dental A Team. Our team of dental professionals includes some of the top talents in the dental industry with proven track records of success.

We provide comprehensive dental practice management solutions for every aspect of your dental business — not just things like dental hygiene, office management, or workplace culture. We specialize in everything from increasing cash flow to helping clients grow their practices from the ground up.

We consider ourselves a top dental consulting firm because of our proven track record. Our in-office clients see many improvements in their businesses, including things like:

  • 10-30% increase in revenue within the first 90 days of working with us
  • Case acceptance increasing 10-20% in one day
  • Increased new patients
  • Overhead reduction of 10-25% in one quarter
  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Higher workplace morale
  • Customized approach tailored to your practice, your needs and your team! Because every practice IS different!
  • And much more

Of the many consulting firms out there, how do we provide some of the best dentist consulting services nationwide? We do it by building custom consulting solutions for each practice owner. Whether you have long-term dreams or short-term goals, we can build exactly what you need, actually help you get there with a hands-on approach, utilizing your entire team.

Our Custom Consulting Services

Our consulting services come in three levels: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Let us walk you through these programs below to help you get a better idea of our services.



As a SILVER office, CUSTOMIZED Coaching calls and Accountability are your needs and wants, and the SILVER lining of this package is: WE DELIVER JUST WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!



You are the office who SHINES BRIGHT as the brilliant office you are! You know you need added team private workshops and amped up accountability to RISE TO THE NEXT LEVEL!  That’s why you are the GOLDEN CHILD! We really do believe that!

You've tried it "your way" and know that you need and want someone else to ROCKET LAUNCH your practice into the skies!  So… what are you waiting for?? The time for GOLD is NOW!



You are in the Elite group of offices who know getting the whole enchilada with the guacamole is the only way to get the BEST results!! You don’t skimp and you know you will be HIGHLY rewarded by doing so. Adding in private workshops and in-office boots on the ground visits will unfold hidden treasure troves of success and efficiencies!

So what are you waiting for?!

Let’s get you EVERYTHING; all the bells, whistles, and confetti glitter! THIS IS WHAT YOU CAME FOR and we are committed to YOU! And don’t worry... we don’t charge extra for the guac! ;)


Best Dentist Consulting for Large and Small Practices

Regardless of what services our top dental consulting firm can provide for you, in the end, it’s all about results. We pride ourselves on delivering custom plans that put you on the road to seeing the results you want. We don’t stop at improving accountability, training your staff as a team, and increasing your revenue, either.

We've invested time, money, and effort to build numerous resources that enable you and your employees to make your business run smoother than ever. These include customized 750-page operations manuals, toolkits designed to help you run your practice smoothly and efficiently, and exclusive The Dental A Team events to help further educate you and your staff all of which are AGD Pace Approved CE!

While you can rely on our consulting services for as long as you deem necessary, our strategies aren't designed just to help you hit a particular milestone. Instead, we aim to help your business grow and thrive year after year, rather than hitting one singular goal while teaching you the systems, building them in your practice so you are able to do it on your own! Our goal is to “teach you to fish” rather than making you reliant on us forever!

You might be wondering how we can promise results like this?? It is partly due to our highly custom approach, which we adapt together with you to fit the changing needs of your business over time. Another aspect is the expertise of our entire team at The Dental A Team, which has more than 68 years of combined mastery in consulting, dentistry, business, and more. WE CAN TRULY SAY THAT WE DON’T JUST UNDERSTAND YOU, BUT ARE YOU!

If it sounds like our services at The Dental A Team might help you, don't hesitate to email our offices at [email protected] or fill out the form on our website to get the process started right away.

Don't just take our word for it...

"The girls have been on FIRE since the phone skills seminar! They have been saving cancellations like never before and converting new patient calls has improved soooooo much. They look forward to listening to Call Source to grade themselves. Can't thank you and Tiffanie enough!"


"Kiera has completely transformed my practice and I have TRIPLED my production since working with her."


"Kiera is amazingly smart, well-spoken, entertaining, and most of all authentic. She has an amazing ability to connect to people and draw out quality dialogues with team members to help accomplish goals. My team would not stop raving about her. Definitely a five-star experience for my team and I!"


"During the first webinar, I was completely engaged and could not believe how useful all of the information was! This community is a needed and a great opportunity"


Watch the video to learn how the Dental A Team doesn't just understand you but is YOU!


We have a mission to positively impact the world of dentistry and we wanted to make it FUN while getting RESULTS. Welcome to the Dental A Team! We are the A Team of consulting - getting results, systems, improving team morale, and teaching you all of those little hidden shortcuts that you KNEW existed but didn't know where to find them. We are committed to holding you accountable, with a clear roadmap, to ensure the journey and process are smooth sailings!

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