In-Person Consulting

Elevate your dental practice with exclusive in-person consulting – Tailored, personalized, and privately delivered for ultimate success.

Get 1:1 Consulting

If your dental office refuses to settle for the ordinary, always seeks ways to stand out, and recognizes that there's a smoother path to success, then you are our type of people! You understand that managing a practice should be seamless, forming a team of accountable individuals can be straightforward, and work-life balance should be just that – a balance. Through in-depth consultations, we'll understand your objectives, craft a tailored strategy for your growth, and equip you with the skills to achieve success. You've envisioned where you want to be; let's make that vision a reality together!

Personalized Coaching

One 30-minute coaching phone call, One 60-minute coaching video call, Two 1.5-day in-person coaching visits

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Team Training Vault

Gain access to our Kick-Start training bundle for on-demand full team continued education and our operations manual basic template.

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Exclusive Community Participation

Gain access to an exclusive community of elite dental practitioners to learn best practices, collaborate, and partner in the success of your dental practice.

An Investment That Fuels the Future

Diving into in-person consulting is a commitment to your practice, to your team, and most importantly, to your success. It's more than an investment; it's a dedication of your time, resources, and energy. It requires the know-how and determination to ensure that you will achieve the best results! Ready to join the platinum ranks? Sign up today and discover a wealth of skills, including:


Techniques for maximizing revenue streams


Streamlining office operations


Adapting to industry changes and trends


Building a positive workplace culture, etc.

Personalized Coaching on the Essential Foundations of a Profitable Practice

One 30-minute coaching phone call

One 60-minute coaching video call

Two 1.5-day in-person coaching visits

Dental Intel reports

Access to an elite doctor community

Access to Kick-Start training bundle

On-demand full team continued education

Operations manual basic template

Hard Work with Unbeatable Rewards

  • Accountable team members who have all been trained the same way
  • Increased revenue
  • Comprehensive operations manual building
  • A toolkit of systems to run a smooth practice
  • Increased efficiency within your practice
  • Team accountability and satisfaction

Increase your revenue within 60 days with the Dental A Team

Get 1:1 Consulting

Our Commitment

Built for You

Embark on the Platinum journey — a commitment to your practice, your team, and undeniable success.


“At the summit, I went all in and became a Platinum client, and I am so thankful that I did. What I’ve learned from Dental A Team is that I, the owner of the practice, have to hold myself accountable and lead by example. That is something Tiffany has helped me with, for sure!”

Dr. Christy Moore

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