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“I’m so glad you’re here! I am the CEO and founder of Dental A Team and I consult in hundreds of dental offices NATIONWIDE. Together, our team tackles in-person and virtual dental office coaching. Our mission is to help clients achieve maximum success and efficiency while living their best life. We partner with our offices and bring our knowledge from working in almost every position in the dental practice. This gives us the skill set and perspective to help you POSITIVELY CHANGE the structure and culture inside of your dental practice.”

Kiera Dent

CEO and Founder, Dental A Team

The top pain points we help dentists overcome on a day-to-day basis include:

Overcoming stress and anxiety

High turnover rates and lack of team culture

Wanting to grow, but not knowing where to start

Lack of accountability within the office

Performing below industry standard

High overhead and low cashflow

We don’t just understand you. We are you.

At Dental A Team, we believe consulting should be different. Every one of our consultants has the clinical and front office experience to understand what it is like to be in your shoes. We know the speed bumps you encounter and understand how the frustrations can mount up until you feel like you are in a cycle of never-ending work. We are here to lessen the load, put your mind at ease, and help you create a process that will drive profit for your practice. There is a balance between work and life—and you can have a successful practice while living your best life. Whether you just opened your practice, are three to five years strong, are in growth mode, or are looking to retire in a few years—we’ve got this. Let us show you how.

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Meet Kiera Dent

CEO & Founder of Dental A Team

I’ve worked in just about every position in my own practices so I know the frustrations and challenges you face. I am certain that we can create positive change, increase profitability, reduce stress, and create happier teams in your dental practice! Why wait? You deserve it! Let’s connect.

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Meet the Dental A Team

Brittany Stone

Operations Manager

I’ve spent my life in and around the dental field developing a love for developing teams and companies. I’m continuously driven to grow and that drive has taken me on a journey through Dental Hygiene, Healthcare Administration, managing dental practices, consulting, and now operations. As the Operations Manager I’m passionate about keeping our team efficient, innovative, and providing massive value to our clients. We have a passionate team of experts and I’m lucky to grow with them every day!

Shelbi Stevens

Executive Assistant and Customer Success

With a background in customer service and the business industry, I have a passion for organization, simplification, and direction. Whether it’s clients, colleagues, or anyone else I interact with, I strive to leave a positive impression and contribute to their success. In everything I undertake, my mission is to not only meet but exceed expectations, driven by the desire to simplify complex processes and provide clear guidance that empowers others to excel. I find genuine satisfaction in the pursuit of these goals, knowing that the positive changes I bring to each role, task, or interaction contribute to the success of an individual and the company.

Tiffanie Trader

Senior Dental Consultant

I have been in the dental field since 2003, and have experience in almost every aspect of the general dental practice, ranging from Dental Assistant all the way to Office Manager. I have completed many continuing education courses over those years about all things business. I am passionate about what I do, helping teams with communication and intrapersonal issues, driving culture, and helping offices find balance and joy in their lives! My drive is excellence and wanting to make the dental world better.

Dana Morsell

Dental Consultant

I have been in the dental field for almost 20 years in both clinical and management roles. I have had the privilege of opening practices from the ground up and recharging and growing already existing offices. 

My passion for dentistry comes from the ability to help patients improve and maintain their oral health while providing a fantastic patient experience. 

I’m an avid learner and continue to grow my knowledge base in all things dentistry and business to help practices become and continue to be successful. I believe with effective leadership, teamwork, and consistent systems any office can thrive and grow!

Nicole Rakestraw

Dental Consultant

With over 22 years of hands-on experience in dentistry, I have a wealth of knowledge and skills to share! Throughout my career, I’ve taken on various roles including dental assisting, treatment coordinating, hygiene coordinating, billing, operations development and management, and leadership.

My journey in dentistry has been fueled by a genuine passion for the field and everything it entails. From technical aspects to the interpersonal connections, I find fulfillment in every aspect of dentistry.

My true passion lies in leadership, culture, and ensuring every member of a team feels valued and empowered.

Professional photo of Eve, Dental A Team's Assistant Marketing Manager.

Eve Blaszke

Assistant Marketing Manager

I love being able to get creative and pour my ideas on digital paper. I am equally excited about building strategies and writing as I am about content creation, which is a perfect blend for the ever-evolving and rapidly growing Dental A Team. With a background in sales and extensive experience in digital marketing, I am a huge fan of delivering content that adds value to your life, challenges the way you think, and proves to you time and time again that working with Dental A Team can be your best life decision both professionally as well as personally.

Amanda TenBrink

Social Media and Digital Marketing Specialist

With a background in digital marketing, I enjoy creating campaigns that deeply connect with our audience. By blending creativity with strategic insights, my passion lies in achieving results that transcend metrics and create genuine connections.

I’m thrilled by innovation and the chance to deliver content that not only engages but also leaves a lasting impression, all while embracing the joy of creativity at every opportunity.

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