069: Time Suck? Let’s talk personal assistants

Does having a personal assistant mean you’re extremely wealthy? Kiera says no! This episode is all about the benefits of personal assistants, and the journey Kiera went on to realize them. Hiring a personal assistant can help you maximize your time on to-do list items that are important rather than urgent.

Still not convinced? Try time journaling or brain dumping your day-to-day life. Figure out where you’re spending your time and recognize your patterns. Then, take two highlighters (or three, in Kiera’s case) and highlight the items only you can do, then the items that can be delegated out. When Kiera hired her personal assistant just to help book travel, she saved roughly 30 hours a month.

More on the greener grass of personal assistants in this episode, plus other awesome episodes at www.TheDentalATeam.com. Interested in seeing a sample job posting ad for a personal assistant? Email [email protected].  




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