073: Copying McDonald’s: Systemization

Kiera digs into systems today. Systems are processes that can be implemented without explaining something to someone new — someone else can be plugged into the role. Three freebie systems that can be implemented today? End-of-day checklist or a morning huddle or hand-offs.

Now, systemizing your practice doesn’t mean being too strict. Leave room to ebb and flow; help people have room for error. Here’s four steps to get you on the right path towards successful systemization. Ask yourself...

  1. How could we do this smarter?
  2. How could we do this more efficiently?
  3. How could we do this cost effectively?
  4. How can we have happier people working?

Don’t system for system’s sake: do things with a purpose. To morph in this life is to succeed. More tips on success at



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