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084: Don’t Snooze- Sleep Apnea from the hygiene side

Hygienists, this one’s for you! Kiera sits down with expert hygienist and practice management coach Laura Myers to discuss obstructive sleep apnea and incorporating it into your dental practice. Before you panic about the stress of adding ~another~ topic to your already tight time slot, wait! Laura gets it, and she walks you through how you can snugly fit the lovely sleep apnea conversation in. The takeaway tips:

  1. Fix those health histories
  2. Oral exams: Know what to look for
  3. Have that simple conversation
  4. Document it!

Also, Kiera and Laura talk about why little things like the blood pressure cuff can really, truly, actually save lives (plus examples!). Visit for more! (Psst, hygienists! Check out our course just for you!)

The scoop on Laura

Laura Myers is a veteran of the dental industry for over 25 years. She holds a degree in dental hygiene from Harrisburg Area Community College where she graduated with high honors and plans to continue her education to attain an MBA. Laura has served in various capacities in dental practices over her career from front office to dental assisting, dental hygienist and practice manager. Her experience in all aspects of the business make her a great asset to our practice management consulting as she can comprehend the needs of the doctor/owner and staff and is able to relate well to everyone.

When Laura is not actively consulting, she enjoys reading, continuing her professional education and spending time with her husband, Troy, and children Jackie and Ray.



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