088: Number One Cure for Dental Burnout

In 2017, Ashley Dorn took the trip of a lifetime: She traveled on a dental mission trip to Haiti.

In this episode, Ashley, who’s a traveling consultant and marketing specialist under Kiera’s Dental Consulting, shares what the experience was like and how an 8-year-old Haitan girl changed her outlook on life.

She also chats with Kiera about creative methods her team adopted to cover funding for the trip (hint: fluoride). By the end of this episode, you’ll be feeling inspired to get out and serve others in any capacity!

Ashley and her team attended the trip through Hope Smiles, an organization that provides dental care to countries worldwide. There are many other companies with similar missions, like International Medical Relief. For more information on Hope Smiles, feel free to reach out to Ashley at [email protected]. 



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