091: Nobody Puts Billing in the Corner

Danielle Kramer is a guru with billing having over 15 years of experience including HMO, FFS, and PPO.

In this episode, she and Kiera talk about how to maximize your billing department’s efforts through acquiring all the necessary information and having hard conversations. Remember, billing specialists should be the go-to person for important finance questions.

Whether you’re a Fee for Service or PPO office, Danielle emphasizes the need for having difficult conversations up front. One office she’s working with has avoided these conversations and it’s led to unpaid balances for over a year (!!!). Mailing letters and notices don’t work; phone calls do. Better yet, have patients pay over the counter before they even leave. Set clear expectations that won’t have you backed into a corner down the road.

It’s all here for you, just press play! More on dental practice magic at www.TheDentalATeam.com




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