092: 37% to 97% Fluoride Acceptance in Just 3 Months!

Kristen Shepherd, a dental hygienist with True Dental Care in New Jersey, is proof that this Dental A Team podcast is changing lives for the better! Back in March of this year, she began implementing methods shared on this podcast (see episode #46) to improve her 37% fluoride acceptance rate.


BOOM! Now she’s at 97% (some weeks, 100%!!).

In this episode, Kristen walks Kiera through how that happened — the process it took to get there, the magic verbiage she uses now (including a couple roleplay scenarios), and three steps YOU can start using today to slay your dental giant, whatever it may be:

  1. Your patient is not a scary person; he or she is there for your help and knowledge
  2. Set goals for yourself, whether it’s a 50% acceptance rate with your patients or even just you talking about fluoride to half of your patients, accepting or not
  3. Put your fluoride out there on your pre-set tray and hold yourself responsible to bring it up!

Thanks to Kristen for sharing her amazing journey, and thanks to all of you who keep listening! Time to fill? Back-track to episodes you haven’t heard at www.TheDentalATeam.com!




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