094: Speeding Tickets and 5 Tips for Getting a YES! From Your Patients

Ashley Dorn, the wonderful traveling consultant from episode 88, Number One Cure for Dental Burnout, is back! This time, she’s here with a list of five easy-to-implement ways dental assistants and hygienists can get that beloved case acceptance.

Tip #1: Get on the patient’s level — literally.

Tip #2: Break down the verbiage.

Tip #3: Not show and tell, show and discuss. X-rays are really cool, so show them off to your patient! Point things out, maybe even co-diagnose what the issue is.

Tip #4: Reinforce what the doc ordered.

Tip #5: The perfect hand-off (with personalization for style). Time for some NDTR and wishing luck on the patient’s upcoming vacation!

As dental assistants and hygienists, you’re the one really building relationships with patients, and these five tips will perfect your style and earn you your patients’ trust. Plus, Kiera gives bonus tip #6: Don’t speed in Colfax, Washington!

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