108: Become a WORD NINJA!

This is ~the episode~ to listen to! Kiera shares a sneak peek into her world of words to use/not use when it comes to talking with patients. Utilizing the right words creates a world of yesses instead of nos! Some examples of phrases NOT to use:

  • “Would you like to get scheduled for that?”
  • “I can try...” or “Sure.”
  • “But…”
  • “Sorry, we’re out of network” or “No, we don’t take that.”
  • “What time do you want to come in?” or “When would you like to schedule this?”
  • “We require 48-hour notice for cancellations.”

What SHOULD you say? Kiera talks about the right words to use. Want an entire sheet of yes/no words? Email us at [email protected]! Other episodes to listen to with The Dental A-Team is episode #3, Don’t Break Up With Me - Controlling Cancellations. 



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