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115: Case Study: 5-Star Patient AND Team Member Experiences

Ashley Keith is back for part 2 of her case study! (Missed part 1? Check out episode 87, Case Study: Untangling the Ball of Yarn.) After discussing building processes around positions, not people, Ashley moves on to developing 5-star experiences for both patients and team members. An example from her office: The team is stressed over prioritization of answering phones versus greeting live patients. Ashley’s solution? Move the phones with incoming calls to a back room!

In this episode, Ashley talks with Kiera about whether or not the idea worked, and how she utilized her tenured team during the transition.

Other talking points include getting some quick wins for your team after making a change, creating a “parking lot” list, and having team members fill in what’s missing for their positions.

Ashley Keith works as office manager for Keith + Associates Dentistry in the Kansas City Metro Area. Prior to her current position, she received a degree in marketing from Texas Christian University and worked in healthcare IT sales for 10 years. Outside of expertly managing her office, Ashley enjoys spending time outside, being with family and friends, and attending any and all local sports.

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