120: Hygienists: Tee ‘em Up

The fabulous Kristen Shepherd (from episode 92) is back, and sharing more goodness. Remember her 37 to 97% fluoride acceptance in three months? In this episode, she discusses calibration with her dentist, and how it helped her become more confident in her position. Nowadays, she’s an expert a teeing up each new patient for a doctor and letting the patient know what the doctor will be recommending for treatment.

Not only does Kristen share her proactive methods and how to best perform hand-in-hand with her doctor’s needs, but she also walks listeners through her expert time management, and how she gets new patient appointments down from the allotted 90 minutes to 60 minutes (including probing, which you should always, always do!).

Kristen is a bigtime Dental A-Team fan, and you can be just like her by listening to more podcast episodes at www.TheDentalATeam.com.




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