146: Can You Be Nice AND Hold People Accountable?

Ahh, the age-old question: Is it possible to be a nice office manager while still holding people accountable? In this episode, Kiera says yes! It’s easy to understand why so many people assume holding people to their word turns you into an evil, nagging boss, but there’s a reality to both sides of it.

Kiera suggests such ideas as being crystal clear with your expectations, following through on your own tasks, and practicing your word ninja ways. Remember, you, as a supervisor, need to be on your team members’ side, but you can’t want them to succeed more than they want themselves to succeed; it takes two to tango.

Inspire a culture of accountability and solutions! Don’t lower your practice’s standards to meet someone’s need for mediocrity.

Lastly, listeners, don’t forget to send in your questions or episode topic requests to Kiera ([email protected])! Thanks to the faithful listener who reached out to Kiera with today’s question.




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