219: Best Prep for Ownership

Kiera is joined by Dr. Nick and Dr. Whitney Forsythe, a stellar dental duo out of Mount Vernon, Washington. The Forsythes just passed their one-year milestone of practice ownership, and in this episode, talk with Kiera about what they learned along the way and tips for others seeking to do the same.

Some tips the dentists share for someone looking to buy a new practice:

  1. Hire a consultant to use as a resource

  2. Assemble a team before you go in

  3. Know things won’t be perfect

  4. Be willing to make changes

Dr. Nick and Dr. Whitney also discuss effective changes they established upon first buying the practice, including perfecting hand-offs, recognizing when systems are needed, and not being afraid.

This advice and so much more are all part of the latest Dental A-Team episode. Make sure you’re caught up with past episodes at www.TheDentalATeam.com!



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