236: Answering “Do You Take My Insurance?”

This episode is about all things billing, A to Z! Kiera is joined by Sarah with Evolution Dental Billing to chat about key verbiage for out-of-network insurance. Many dental offices are shedding insurance companies in light of COVID-19, and Sarah has tips for how to speak to your patients or potential patients who aren’t too sure about continuing with your office.

Listen to this episode to hear answers to “Do you take my insurance?” and “Why aren’t you in my network?” Kiera and Sarah have such a great conversation that it’ll have your patients wanting to commit to your practice regardless of network.

Learn more about what Sarah does at www.evolutiondentalbilling.com. Evolution Dental Billing is a sister business to the Dental A-Team! Find out other ways the DAT can make your pracitce successful at www.TheDentalATeam.com.



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