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392: Overcoming the Blame Game

Brittany Stone is back on the podcast, talking with Kiera about accountability versus blame in the workplace. To address this topic, Brittany and Kiera cover …

  • Ways to view people as problem solvers instead of the problem

  • How to have conversations to hold accountability instead of assign blame

  • Solid tools to hold people accountable

Ultimately, this topic boils down to each of our intentions and beliefs regarding accountability. Having a healthy mindset about your team members and how to solve problems will yield a healthier attitude about how things function in your practice.

More on Brittany:

I have spent my life in and around the dental field. Raised by a dental assistant, my training started young and my journey in dentistry continues as I strive to help teams realize their dreams!

Working in dentistry for over 15 years, I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of structures from small to large and private practice to dental support organizations. I have learned how the organization and management of an office impact the lives of each team member and patient. I have studied healthcare administration while working most positions in a dental office including hygiene lead, coach, and office manager. This helps me bring an understanding of driving value and patient care to help dental teams cultivate a fulfilling work environment. 

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