007: Two perspectives, One Goal

Dr. Mark Costes and Kiera Dent join forces in The Dental A Team podcast to explain how TWO PERSPECTIVES of dentistry are BENEFICIAL for the entire profession of dentistry. This podcast provides a platform for both the dentists and team members in order to bring their two perspectives together. They discuss how you need the perspective from each in order to grow not only into an efficient business, but an effective team.

As Mark elaborates from the dentist perspective and Kiera from the team perspective, they speak with humility from their own experiences and how they don’t just understand you, but they are you! Learning from their own mistakes and growing together, they both have one overarching is goal: to give birth to the most EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, AND SIMPLE practices across the nation. This can best be accomplished when the team and the dentists COMBINE and UNITE!

Tune in weekly to join the team and you will see your practice flourish!



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