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Episode 535: Get Comfortable With Financial Conversations

Question: Do you want to increase patient financing in your practice?

Sameer Bhasin, vice president of alliances at CareCredit, returns to the podcast to talk about the best ways to discuss financing with your patients. Being rejected after presenting a treatment plan is not a fun feeling, but with CareCredit programming and insight, you can whistle a different and less stressful tune. Kiera and Sameer touch on the following:

  • Quickscreen with CareCredit

  • How to increase your treatment plan success rate

  • Resources for patient financing

Kiera challenges listeners to start a 6-week patient financing program. Listen in to learn how to go about this challenge.

Episode resources:

Reach your CareCredit practice rep

Connect with Sameer

Listen to episode 339, How to Best Utilize Third-Party Financing

Reach out to Kiera

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