How to Hire the Right Person for the Right Seat?

Creating a strong team culture is crucial for the success of your dental practice and the first step of creating that culture within your team starts with hiring the right people.

Let’s walk through some key hiring tips that will help you in creating that culture and harmony in your dental practice.

The dynamics within your team directly impact the patient experience, influencing the quality of care they receive at each visit. Achieving this positive team culture requires consistent effort from every team member. Leadership plays a key role by committing to core values, exemplifying them, and holding everyone accountable to live by them daily.

Leadership’s responsibility is clear: provide tools, support, resources, and communication for each team member to succeed in their role.

However, building the right team is not always straightforward.

When hiring for your dental practice, whether it’s a dental assistant, hygienist, or any other role, consider the following questions:

– What are your core values, and are they still relevant today?
– What does your ideal team look like?
– Which positions are necessary to exceed patient expectations?
– Do these positions have clear job descriptions aligned with role requirements?
– Have leaders set up team members for success based on strengths and job descriptions?

Once you’ve addressed these questions, delve deeper:

– Do team members understand and fulfill their job descriptions effectively?
– Are there processes in place for their success and self-accountability?
– Have job descriptions been crafted with an understanding of role requirements and strengths?

Understanding each team member’s strengths and weaknesses, and how they work with different profiles, fosters a supportive team environment.

For example, when hiring for your dental practice consider if team member’s potential role aligns with their strengths. Conduct a Team DISC Assessment” before hiring and consider adding it to one of your all-team meetings. Make it engaging by presenting personalities and how they thrive in their roles, fostering understanding and respect among team members. Encourage fun engagement by posting profiles in the team lounge and continuing the discussion at subsequent meetings.

The bottom line, by placing your team in positions to win, YOU WIN!  You’ll have an accountable, engaged, and patient-centered team focused on the right priorities.

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