Uncover Exclusive Insights From Our Legal Expert

In this insightful episode of the Dental A Team podcast, Rob Montgomery, a distinguished dental lawyer, shares his wealth of knowledge and experience counseling dentists and practices. Focused on the dynamic world of Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), Rob engages in a conversation with Kiera, offering valuable legal perspectives on crucial topics:


Preparing for Potential Litigation:

Rob provides practical advice on how dental professionals can be well-prepared for potential litigation, and navigating legal challenges with confidence.


Associate Hiring: W2 vs. 1099:   

The episode delves into the nuances of hiring associates, exploring the W2 versus 1099 classification debate. Rob sheds light on the legal implications and considerations for dental practice owners facing this crucial decision.


Decoding DSO Contracts:

Rob unravels the mysteries behind Dental Service Organizations (DSOs), revealing key insights into what practitioners truly get when signing with these entities. His legal expertise guides dentists through the intricacies of DSO contracts.


Tune in to gain valuable insights and answers from Rob Montgomery, the dental lawyer extraordinaire, as he navigates the legal landscape of dentistry in this illuminating episode.


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