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Navigating the complex landscape of office management demands keen attention to detail, a challenge often overshadowed by the bustling schedules of practice owners. In the whirlwind of responsibilities, small yet critical details can slip through the cracks, taking a toll on both the team and the business itself. The consequences are clear: morale sinks as office stress skyrockets, efficiency takes a nosedive with a team lacking motivation, and, inevitably, profits begin to slip away. Recognizing this common struggle, we introduce 'Management Made Simple,' an easy-to-use monthly subscription box designed to empower practice owners with practical tips and tricks for streamlined office management and heightened employee satisfaction.

Pre-Packaged Solutions That Come to You

Monthly Systems Check with Solutions, Monthly Office system playbooks

Team Building

Leadership development training, Tips and tricks for building up office culture

Effortless Solutions That Come to You

Never before has office management been made this simple. Ideas and tools come right to you. Just plug and play to improve morale and make your office more efficient. Embrace the ease of a monthly subscription, making the once intricate world of office management as straightforward as it should be. Every month you will receive:


Systems check with solutions


Office system playbooks


Leadership development training


Tips and tricks for building up office culture

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A Team that Grows Together Wins Together

How to build a team culture where everyone holds each other accountable

How to Incentivized employees to lead to increased revenue

Introducing recognition initiatives that improve employee satisfaction

Culture tips for birthdays, milestones, and other important dates.

Tips to increase overall efficiency within your practice

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Invest in the team that powers your everyday office operations. A practice dedicated to ensuring the happiness of its employees, just as diligently as their patients, is destined for success.


“Dental A Team helped me and Dr. Sugg realize that we could make our practice whatever we wanted to make it. They gave me ownership in Green Park Dentistry and empowered me with that ownership.”

Jeff Helgerson

Office Manager, Green Park Dentistry

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