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From chair-side communication to technical know-how, the All S.T.A.R. Hygiene Program from Dental A Team is designed for dental hygienists to learn new techniques and increase the value and productivity in your dental practice.

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A hygienist team should function as a unit. Instead, we often see a lack of unity between departments, communication breakdown between hygienists and the doctor, and patients experiencing a bumpy dental appointment that leads to increased anxiety and discomfort. These are the shortcomings we hear about every day, and we know just how to help. Our dental hygienist training course is designed with these exact pitfalls in mind and more. Our program instills confidence and technical know-how into your hygienists to form one unified dental team. 

Are You Dealing With...

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Hygienists not performing to the industry standard.

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Loss of time and hygienists not maximizing the 60-minute appointment.

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Miscommunication between your hygienists and your doctors.

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A lack of unity between your departments.

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Hygienists who struggle to discuss complex treatment needs with their patients.

Build an ALL S.T.A.R. Hygienist Team

Calibrate your hygiene department and help everyone level up to become All S.T.A.R. hygienists through Systems, Tracking, Accountability, and Results. In this course, your team will gain the skills to maximize patient time, build relationships, and support the doctor. Your team will receive downloadable workbooks and resource guides, plus module quizzes throughout the course for added accountability and a consistent way to test your knowledge and track progress. We also provide checklists and forms that your hygienist team can utilize at your practice to ensure they’re performing on the All S.T.A.R. level. 

Upgrade the Efficiency of Your Practice, Starting with Your Hygienists

Our Hygienist Training Program is an investment not only in your team but the future of your practice. Your hygienists will be equipped with the tools to create a less chaotic, more productive, and more efficient hygiene department that ultimately improves interdepartmental relationships, patient experiences, and workday efficiencies. If you’re ready to invest in your team, then sign up for the All S.T.A.R. Hygiene Program. Purchase includes lifetime access to this course. All courses purchased from the Dental A Team are non-refundable.

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Module Quizzes

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Earn 6 CE Hours with this Self-Guided Course

Building a practice and team that works well together is harder than you might think. That's why we've taken everything we’ve learned from consulting with hundreds of offices, and turned it into a self-instructed online course to help you and your team. The All S.T.A.R. Hygiene Program is split into 12 modules that your team can work through at a pace that works for them. Every practice is unique, so we let you decide the timeline of your course.


“At the summit, I went all in and became a Platinum client, and I am so thankful that I did. What I’ve learned from Dental A Team is that I, the owner of the practice, have to hold myself accountable and lead by example. That is something Tiffany has helped me with, for sure!”

Dr. Christy Moore

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  • Course Instructor: Dental A Team
  • AGD Subject Code: 550
  • Original Release Date: January 1, 2019
  • Review Date: July 1, 2022
  • Expiration Date: June 30, 2025