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Business management isn’t taught in dental school

Providing the best patient care and running a dental practice is a lot. You learn how to be a great dentist and how to provide great care in school, but you don’t learn business management. Office systematization, people management, building cultures, and closing treatment plans, all require an investment of time and money from your practice. If dental operations are inefficient and messy, it will cause unnecessary havoc, complications and confusion. We can help you gain control or simply understand what to do next.

"I'm Overwhelmed"

"Turnover and Culture are Creating Roadblocks"

"We are Ready for Growth"

"We Need to Elevate Accountability"

"How do I compare to the Industry"

"We are Ready to Increase Profitability"

Are your struggles too overwhelming to even name? We get it. Take our quick online quiz to help narrow down your problem areas. From there, we can recommend the best services to achieve your goals and start seeing results fast!

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Meet Kiera, Owner and Founder of Dental A Team

Kiera Dent

Founder, Dental A Team

We Hear from Dentists Everyday

And we listen. We know how to guide you because we've walked in your shoes so we understand your world. There are a million little shortcuts and best practices to help in every aspect of your dental practice. You can obtain growth and prosperity without giving up life, being frustrated, or losing sleep! And you’ll have fun along the way, so let’s get started!

Everything you need to accelerate growth.

Comprehensive education and coaching for you and your team to take your dental practice to the next level.

Manage Overhead and Boost Profit

Manager Development

Results Driven Meetings

Full Practice Systematization

Modernizing Case Acceptance

Proven Hiring, Firing and Onboarding

Operations Manual Creation

Accountability and Satisfaction

Our Approach is Built Around You

Unlike other dental consulting practices, we put you at the center of our solutions. We can work with your entire team, a portion of your team hand-chosen by you, or one-to-one. How we partner and how we work together is driven by you and your practice needs.

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Virtual Consulting

Operational consulting, community, and resources to gain the momentum you and your practice needs. Get 50% off your first month!


In-Person Consulting

Individualized, on-site consulting to make your practice less you-reliant while accelerating growth.


Cost is covered by results.

Majority of practices we work with gain between a ten and thirty percent uptick in revenue. This more than covers the investment of partnering with Dental A Team. Our goal is to ensure your time and money are not only covered but multiplied from our time together.

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Invest In Your Future

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Dental Practices Served

10% – 30%

Increase in Revenue



Peace of Mind Gained


"At the summit, I went all in and became a Platinum client, and I am so thankful that I did. What I’ve learned from Dental A Team is that I, the owner of the practice, have to hold myself accountable and lead by example. That is something Tiffany has helped me with, for sure!"

Dr. Christy Moore

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Headshot of client and dentist, Christy Moore.

We’re Not Just a Business, We’re a Team.

At Dental A Team we know that you want to be a master at managing a profitable dental practice. That’s where we come in. Whether that partnership happens through the virtual resources we offer, through one-to-one consulting, or through us working with your team to help develop and train. We are a team of experts in dentistry, business, and consulting with the purpose of helping your practice work for you in the best way possible. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!

Get to Know the Dental A Team
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