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Dental A-Team| FAQ


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I've had bad experiences with consulting in the past.

What makes the Dental A Team consulting different?

The Dental A Team is composed of experienced coaches and trainers who have worked in every position, excluding the doctor, so they actually understand you! Taking a customized approach for your office, the Dental A Team coaches work with your team, on your goals, to get your results. They are committed to ensuring the team is empowered, they feel heard, and the results they get are the ones you actually want!

How will I know the consulting is working?

The Dental A Team LOVES numbers! Numbers speak for themselves and the Dental A Team is committed to creating trackable and measurable KPIs for your office to show you that the consulting is working.  Working hand in hand with the intangible soft skills and the tangible measured skills, the Dental A Team knows you’ll see the results and feel the difference of a systematized team.  

The Dental A Team will also be checking in regularly, through emails and surveys, to ensure you are getting the results you signed up to receive!

Do you have anything online to train my team?

Yes! With our Gold and Platinum  packages and a hands on approach, utilizing our Online Virtual Academy, your team is guaranteed to be taught AND given the tools to continue learning and growing on their own.
Utilizing our Online Virtual Academy with downloadable workbooks, videos, and written copy for all positions including:

Office Managers

Treatment Coordinators



Dental Assistants


You are guaranteed to have all the tools AND accountability to help your team be fully trained. 

This is also our proven model to help onboard and train new team members as well!

Our client favorite online product is our customize

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How involved does the doctor need to be for success?

We believe the leader of a practice is a key player to success. Our goal at the Dental A Team is to create an accountable team, with specific roles and duties, and ensure the doctor is not as needed in the minutiae. With the doctor giving the vision and direction, the Dental A Team can take it from there; building a team of accountable players so the doctor can focus on the clinical area where they ultimately want to be!  We will take as much or as little doctor involvement as desired beyond what we listed above.

What are 1-on-1 Customized Coaching Calls?



1-on-1 Customized Coaching Calls

We offer (24) 30 minute coaching calls within our Silver, Gold, Platinum packages. That is 2 coaching calls each month giving you maximum monthly support for your office. These customized calls can be for the Dentist, Office Manager, or Team Member. We will be there to help you problem solve and strategize giving you the most optimum results for your office! 


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Consulting hundreds of offices across the globe, we have found some common themes revolving around SYSTEMATIZING YOUR PRACTICE.  Can you relate to any of these items?


        • What systems do we implement?
        • What is a system for a dental practice?
        • We’ve implemented systems but they only last until the next change happens
        • We have systems but people don’t follow them. What do we do?
        • Can I be TOO systematized?

These questions and concerns come from all different offices-- start-ups, acquisitions, practices in business for 15 years, etc.  The reality is-- teams are made up of humans and humans, by nature, forget and fall short unless there is a fail-proof system in place.  Insert our 12 Systems Comprehensive Cycle-- the place where the systems will repeat in an effort to keep you and your team accountable and focused on the most important factors.

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